How to Get the Acrid in Warframe

The Acrid is an optional weapon you can procure in Warframe. This Toxin-infused sidearm is the truly biggest auxiliary weapon in the game. Regardless of its size, it isn’t the most ideal weapon in its group, however it tends to be proficient if you mod it appropriately. This weapon is a tribe weapon, which can make it tough to procure contrasted with other firearms that you can basically buy or ranch a mission for. This guide will explain how to get the Acrid in Warframe.

I’ve become rather close with my Acrid. I wasn’t essential for the meta previously, when Acrid was all anybody utilized, yet since I have it I can’t comprehend the reason why I don’t see any other person use it. Tolerably high status possibility, and no IPS leaves it in a Umbra Excalibur Warframe, yet in addition a gigantic benefit in that it can proc destructive quicker than numerous other non-shotgun weapons.

Its surefire Toxin Spot is amazing, and its expand cements it. I think it’s a strong battled for one of the most mind-blowing scaling secondaries, effectively top ten. Ammunition productive, dangerous, extraordinary at removing shield or procing viral.

Was thinking of rebuilding my Acrid in Warframe, yet I have the Pox, which, despite the fact that it procs as much as the Acrid, its an AoE. Furthermore, Acrid is all the more a single target except if you have punch throught, the Searcher needs a ton of energy regardless of whether you dont use it maxed. Dislike the Shred, which gives you more harm in the type of a higher fire rate too.

Where to get the Acrid in Warframe

The Acrid is a Grineer-planned pistol with innate Toxin harm. This status impact bargains poison harm after some time, which is best against tissue and proto-safeguard protection classes. This weapon must be found, explored, and constructed using a Bio Lab. The Bio Lab must be situated inside a Warframe tribe dojo. This necessity can make it challenging to obtain one in the event that you’re an independent player, however procuring it isn’t unimaginable.

The least demanding strategy for accessing a Bio Lab is to join a Warframe group. You can utilize the in-game recruiting channel or ask players while you’re playing public missions. Factions are continuously looking to enlist individuals, which is the easiest technique for researching the Acrid blueprint.

If you would rather not join an instant group, you can make one yourself. This is an exorbitant undertaking yet not a troublesome one. Whenever you have made your Warframe family, you should build a Bio Lab. At the Bio Lab, you can begin researching the Acrid blueprint.

How to make the Acrid in Warframe

When you have the blueprint investigated, presently you should make the weapon on board your orbiter boat’s foundry. In the wake of building it, the weapon will be yours to use against any foe you go over.

Screen capture by Gamepur
These are the crafting necessities of the Acrid.

  • 30,000 Credits
  • 1 Forma
  • 5 Mutagen Mass
  • 5,000 Nano Spores
  • 6,000 Rescue

Acrid will require 24 hours to finish. Utilize this weapon with Saryn to exploit the strong Toxin impacts it can dole out in Warframe.

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