How To Get Logs In Soulmask – Full Guide

Logs are a fundamental asset in Soulmask, utilized for crafting, building, and different other in-game exercises. Proficiently gathering logs can fundamentally influence your ongoing interaction experience, allowing you to advance quicker and assemble more grounded structures. This guide gives nitty gritty procedures and tips on how to obtain logs in Soulmask actually.

How To Get Logs In Soulmask

Understanding the Importance of Logs

Prior to diving into the methods of obtaining logs, it’s critical to understand the reason why they are significant in Soulmask.

Uses of Logs

Crafting: Logs are utilized to create different tools, weapons, and things that are fundamental for endurance and movement.

Building: Logs are an essential asset for constructing buildings and designs, providing cover and other practical advantages.

Fuel: Logs can be utilized as fuel for flames, cooking, and other exercises that require an intensity source.

Methods to Obtain Logs

1. Gathering from Trees

The most immediate method for obtaining logs is by chopping down trees.

Fundamental Tools: Begin by crafting or acquiring essential tools like tomahawks to slash down trees. Better tools can increase the proficiency of logging.

Tree Areas: Recognize regions with a high thickness of trees. Woodlands and lush regions are ideal places for gathering logs.

Sustainable Logging: Practice sustainable logging by replanting trees or leaving a few trees standing to guarantee a continuous stock of logs.

2. Completing Quests and Missions

Certain quests and missions in Soulmask reward players with logs.

Journey Log: Regularly check your journey log for missions that offer logs as remunerations. Completing these can give a lot of logs without the need to gather them physically.

Mission Sheets: Visit mission sheets or NPCs that offer repeatable undertakings and missions zeroed in on gathering or delivering logs.

3. Trading and Bartering

Participate in trading and bartering with NPCs and other players to obtain logs.

Exchange Posts: Visit exchange posts and markets where logs can be purchased or exchanged for other assets.

Player Exchanges: Draw in with other players in the game to exchange assets. Offering things that you have in overabundance can be a productive method for obtaining logs.

4. Exploration and Looting

Exploring the game world and looting can yield logs.

Abandoned Camps: Search abandoned camping areas, cabins, and other designs that might contain logs or heaps of wood.

Expeditions: Take part in expeditions and exploration occasions that can compensate you with logs and other significant assets.

5. Crafting from Raw Materials

Assuming you approach raw materials, you can make logs.

Wood Scraps: Gather wood scraps and more modest bits of wood that can be combined to make logs.

Crafting Stations: Use crafting stations and workbenches to deal with raw materials into logs. Upgrading your crafting stations can increase productivity and result.

Best Practices for Effective Log Gathering

Productive Tool Use

Overhaul Tools: Regularly redesign your logging tools to further develop productivity and diminish the time expected to hack down trees.

Fix Tools: Keep your tools in great shape by repairing them regularly. Harmed tools can dial back your logging endeavors.

Asset The board

Inventory The board: Deal with your inventory space to guarantee you can convey a greatest number of logs without getting hampered.

Storage Arrangements: Fabricate storage offices to store logs and other assets securely.
This forestalls misfortune and keeps your assets coordinated.

Cooperative Endeavors

Group Up: If playing in multiplayer mode, collaborate with other players to gather logs all the more effectively. Sharing the responsibility can accelerate the interaction.

Society Exercises: Join an organization or gathering that focuses on asset gathering. Participating in organization exercises can give extra logs and assets.

Regular Farming

Day to day Routine: Make log gathering a piece of your day to day routine in the game. Regularly chopping trees and completing related undertakings guarantees a consistent inventory of logs.

Booked Runs: Plan and timetable explicit times for log gathering to amplify effectiveness and stay away from interruptions.

How To Get Logs In Soulmask


Obtaining logs in Soulmask is a fundamental piece of ongoing interaction that supports crafting, building, and other fundamental exercises. By utilizing the methods outlined in this aide — gathering from trees, completing quests, trading, exploring, and crafting — you can guarantee a consistent stock of logs. Employing best practices, for example, productive tool use, asset the executives, cooperative endeavors, and regular farming will further improve your log-gathering proficiency. Blissful logging!

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