How to Get Eureka Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

Eureka weapons in Final Fantasy XIV in request to get this new strong weapon, you really want to open a couple of different things in advance and furthermore procure some Protean and Anemos gems by killing essential beasts. Follow our bit by bit guide underneath for additional subtleties.

You can obtain an Antiquated weapon or some other Antiquated thing in two different ways: either by getting it from your cash safe of the level 70 final work mission, or by purchasing it from Calamity Salvager.

After you’ve bought an Antiquated weapon from Calamity Salvager. You can take it to Gerolt, a smithy. Who lives in Port Surgate on Eureka. He will actually want to redesign your weapon to a normal variant. And afterward to +1 and +2 renditions, which are vital for your Anemos weapon.

You additionally need to have an adequate number of Protean precious stones to have the option to pay for the redesigns. Changeable gems can be obtained by killing essential beasts on Eureka.

How to get Eureka weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Get Eureka Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

The Eureka weapons in Final Fantasy XIV are gear you need to compensate your personality, Trimmed Red Silk in Genshin Impact which will set aside some margin to develop. You can acquire them by purchasing and completing the Stormblood development. In the event that you are playing in some other extension past this one, they won’t be utilized for battle. However, you can add them to your personality’s style chest, particularly in the event that they are for your outfit, yet there’s a specific method for making them excitement. This is the very thing you really want to be aware of how to get Eureka weapons in Final Fantasy XIV.

You can now add this weapon to your arms stockpile. However, you will need to update when you get past level 70 and begin to clear your path through the Shadowbringers extension. If you have any desire to keep these weapons and key, tragically, you can’t put these weapons in your Glamor dresser.

For those looking for the genuine Eureka weapons. All Jobs ought to open these things when you arrive at level 70 and have the Stormblood development. At the point when you complete your level 70 journey. You get an Attire Coffer that rewards you with your Eureka weapon. For instance, for completing the Samural The Battle on Bekko mission, we got Myochin Attire Coffer. Which compensated us with our Antiquated set and the weapon.

How to get Eureka weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

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