How To Get A Boat In Genshin Impact

Get A Boat In Genshin Impact The 1.6 update is the ability to boat through the newly added Golden Apple Islands region. Boating across the islands of the region may be easy, but getting off the boat has proven to be problematic for some Genshin Impact players.

To unlock the boat and the Golden Apple Islands region, players must first complete the Mysterious Island Story Quest. When a player arrives at a destination while navigating the boat, he or she can leave the boat by simply pressing and holding the jump command. This caused frustration for many players, as the exit boat icon only indicates that the player needs to “press” the jump button.

When the player leaves the boat safely, a gust of wind fires them into the air. Players can use this feature to efficiently scale the cliffs and structures that inhabit the first areas of the Golden Apple Archipelago. This feature is an integral part of illuminating all three waypoints scattered around the island.

How To Get A Boat In Genshin Impact

How To Get A Boat In Genshin Impact

Waverider is a vehicle that allows VegasLowRoller Tips for Beginners players to move from one part of the map to another with Genshin Impact after the release of version 1.6. If you have questions about how to get a boat at Genshin Impact, how to summon a boat, and the controls you use to navigate and fight your boat, this guide will help you.

Players must reach AR 30 to enter this area. Another requirement is Archon Quest, Chapter 2: Prologue-Autumn Wind, Scarlet Leaf Completion. When you reach the Waverider waypoint, activate it and summon the boat. Press the prompt button, swim to the exact location and get on the board. You can now use it to move across the water to another location.

Boats are still the way to reach the lightning bolt, but in version 1.6 these ships behave a bit differently than expected. Instead, players can fly their own boat (called Waverider) and participate in fun events to earn some valuable rewards.

As with other Genshin Impact events, rewards for collecting Wavesplitter Insignia include Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Primogems. Just as the 1.5 hull system has been added to the fun new mechanics, the 1.6 Waverider has introduced a new gameplay mechanic. This allows players to test their nautical skills with limited abilities.

How To Get A Boat In Genshin Impact

At what adventure rank do you get a boat?

The event can be accepted by anyone who has completed the required quests and has reached Adventurer Rank 21.

To unlock the Pearl Galley Ship, players must complete the Ocean Pearl Quest Line at the Port of Liuye. To start this quest line, players must dissolve and board a pearl galley ship off the coast of Liyue Port.

How do you get Waverider in Genshin Impact?

To unlock the waypoints of the Tenkinjima Wave Rider with Genshin Impact, you need to summon Electro Granum. While holding it, it interacts with the rock formations in front of the waypoints, scattering and moving the dome away.

Talk to Katheryne in Liyue Harbor and find Beidou’s ship east of Guyun Stone Forest. You can teleport to Guyun’s domain, climb rocks and slide down to reach the ship. Talk to Hokudou by boat.

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