How To Gain Raunak’s Trust in Genshin Impact

To investigate a thing that was attacked from the Akademiya, Gain Raunak’s Trust in Genshin Impact Traveler for help. He needs the protagonist to gain Dori’s trust. Dori is a shipper who’s known to sell essentially anything that makes Mora in Genshin Impact. He can’t do this task himself as he has been blacklisted by Dori, so it ultimately depends on the players to do this.

Genshin Impact 1.5 update, miHoYo added another Trust Rank system to the game. Similar as quests and secret achievements, Travelers can acquire free Primogems and other significant rewards by increasing their Trust Rank with Tubby. For uninformed ones, Tubby the Teapot Spirit is a NPC in Gain Raunak’s Trust in Genshin Impact that offers various services from within the Serenitea Pot.

Hence, users can simply sort out their Trust Rank level by talking to the Teapot Spirit in their tea kettle. While increasing the Dragons Bane Genshin Impact is a simple task, numerous players are having a tough time gaining XP for the same. Subsequently, we’ve assembled every one of the details to assist our readers in increasing their Trust Rank in Genshin Impact.

How To Gain Raunak’s Trust in Genshin Impact

In simple words, Trust Rank refers to your relationship level with Tubby, the Serenitea Pot Spirit. As of writing, the best way to increase your Gain Raunak’s Trust in Genshin Impact is by crafting and claiming new furnishings. While doing it interestingly, the game will remunerate you with some Trust XP that in the long run increases your position.

In addition, one can rank up rapidly by crafting each Furnishing Blueprint something like once. To make it, speak with Tubby and select “Make Furnishing” from the list of accessible services. When you approach the crafting interface, choose the Furnishing you need to construct and begin creating it.

Actually quite significant furnishing has three further various tiers, Green, Blue, and Purple. This is the way much trust you can procure from every level:

  • Green: Requires 12 hours to furnish in request to get 30 trust
  • Blue: Requires 14 hours to furnish and provides 60 trust
  • Purple: Requires 16 hours to furnish and offers 90 trust.

Luckily, you can also instantly skip the long hour stand by using Vial of Adeptal Speed. The Adeptal Speed can be procured subsequent to hitting Trust Rank levels 1-4 or simply buying it from Realm Depot.

How To Read The Informant Code Chart

Unsurprisingly, Dori runs her smuggling business with strict rules, such as having codes for customers to use instead of ordinarily asking what they need. This technique may be confounded for new customers, yet it’s definitely a benefit for experienced ones.

To get to Dori, players need to go through one of her informants, Gain Raunak’s Trust in Genshin Impact, who just operates through codes. The Informant Code Chart given to the voyager by Alhaitham is essential. Players need to really look at this Chart prior to contacting Raunak to gain his trust.

Gain Raunak's Trust in Genshin Impact

The information depicted in the Informant Code Chart is as follows:

  • Looking to purchase unripe Harra Fruits: Ask the informant to take you to Dori
  • Wear a Mourning Flower: Looking to purchase Canned Knowledge
  • Wear a Sumeru Rose: Looking to purchase products lawfully accessible on the Market
  • Mouse: Customer
  • Rishboland Tiger: Matra
  • Taken by mice: Sold to customers
  • Taken by Rishboland tiger: Confiscated by a Matra
  • Pack in Sumeru City style: To purchase a small sum
  • Pack in Port Ormos style: To purchase in mass
  • Complimenting a customer of skill: Harra Fruit that causes dizziness and ringing in the ears
  • Complimenting a customer of learnedness: Harra organic product that causes heatstroke

The extraordinary rewards being presented by the Trust Rank system is one of the leading reasons why everybody is urged to increase their Trust Rank with Tubby. The Travelers can procure up to 600 Primogems, trailed by numerous different freebies in Genshin Impact, by increasing their Trust Rank to even out 10 in Genshin Impact.

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