How the Flea Market Works in Fire Emblem Engage – Full Guide

This article is about How the Flea Market works in Fire Emblem Engage. In the event that you’re burnt out on giving your partners horse fertilizer and shiny rocks like an unusual fighter vagabond, the Flea Market of Fire Emblem Engage has exactly the thing you’ve been searching for. In the same way as other exercises and shops, the game won’t present this open door to players until they’ve advanced a fair piece in the main story crusade. This is the way to unlock the Flea Market in Fire Emblem Engage, and how it works.

Flea market, the actual name recommends that it is a market in the game, and like each and every other market, players can involve this market for purchasing fundamental things. However, not every one of the elements unlock toward the beginning of the game, and the Flea Market is one of them. Tragically, players can unlock this market pretty late, not prior to completing Part 13.

When you complete Part 13 and return to Somniel, you’ll be advised that the Flea Market is accessible for use. There is no side action, or journey players need to do to unlock the Flea Market. Progressing through the main story and completing Parts will automatically unlock the Flea Market.

Flea Market works in Fire Emblem Engage

How to unlock the Flea Market in Fire Emblem Engage

The Flea Market is unlocked subsequent to completing Part 13 at the Desert garden Town. After returning to Somniel, players will get a warning stating the Flea Market has now been opened. The Flea Market is situated on the eastern side, towards the southern end, along the very way that Sommie’s Shrine can be found.

How the Flea Market works in Fire Emblem Engage

The Flea Market will have a rotating staff of partners manning the counter. And it likewise turns its stock after each fight. Really, the Flea Market is a way to buy presents for partners to further reinforce your security with them. This is especially useful for mages and bowmen. As they will quite often battle farther back from Alear. Making support levels with partners a smidgen more hard to get.

At present, most things are generally straight-forward. The wrap flavor-message informs players that it’s ideal by the individuals who appreciate training. Considering that Albert is the accepted Strength Training partner in Fire Emblem Engage. Giving this to him is a speedy method for upping your relationship with this partner. Other partners favor various things. However you ought to have the option to find everything important to up that relationship to the powerful within the Flea Market of Fire Emblem Engage.

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