How to Fix Voice Chat not Working in Overwatch 2 – Full Guide

Voice Chat not working in Overwatch 2 lets players communicate with teammates. What happens when you can’t hear your teammates or can’t talk with them? What assuming that voice chat stopped working? Peruse on for solutions on how to fix your voice chat in Overwatch 2.

New games, new bugs, it’s a similar story like clockwork, and it’s our responsibility to assist you with getting these issues fixed. Today we will cover the Voice Chat issue in Overwatch 2, so you can finally communicate with your teammates during the match.

Voice chat not being ready to work has been a notable issue starting from the first game send off, and presently it has somehow shown up in Overwatch 2. We figured out how to gather fixes related to all significant platforms as the game permits crossplay, so you can appreciate hanging out with your mates in game.

In a team-based game like Overwatch 2, communication is vital to winning. Unfortunately, a few players have been having issues regarding voice chat not working, leaving them unfit to talk or hear callouts from their teammates in-game. In the event that you’re having trouble getting your voice chat in Overwatch 2 to work, there are a couple of steps you can take to try to fix it. The following aide will give tips and tricks regarding how to fix Overwatch 2 voice chat not working.

How to fix voice chat not working in Overwatch 2

Fixing voice chat not working in Overwatch 2

Check your Overwatch 2 in-game audio settings

The issue can be the audio settings in Overwatch 2. Visit the “Options” menu and select “Sound” to check in the event that anything is wrong. Ensure that the “Team Voice Chat” or “Gathering Voice Chat” options are on and not off.

You can likewise set your voice chat settings to the default with the goal that you get automatically put in either “Team Voice Chat” or “Gathering Voice Chat” again at whatever point you join a game.

Overwatch 2 voice chat not working

Don’t forget about push-to-talk. You can update your keybind for voice chat in Overwatch 2 by going into the “Options” menus, pressing “Controls” and then clicking “Communication.”

Overwatch 2 has a default push-to-talk setting that you can utilize, but you can customize this and other communication settings for explicit legends. For instance, the settings for Kiriko can be different for another character. Press the “Change Legend” button located on the right side to select different legends.

Check your microphone permissions and settings on PC

The issue might be your gadget’s microphone. Ensure that you’re not muted in the first spot by going into your settings. Make a beeline for the “Application permissions” and “Microphone” region there. Under the “Permit admittance to the microphone on this gadget,” switch the mode so that admittance to your computer is on.

You can likewise go into the control board and adjust the “Sound” settings. At the point when you’re there, right-click your microphone and select it as the default gadget. On the off chance that the gadget isn’t in the green, it might either be not connected or approximately connected your PC. Just check that connection. Ensure that your microphone or headset isn’t muted too, and essentially switch your audio back on.

Overwatch 2 voice chat on consoles

Like the above Overwatch 2 voice chat solutions for PC, confirm that you’re not muted assuming that you’re playing the game on a console. You can likewise either turn off or turn off additional controls that might be connected to your gadget. Another option is to reset button mapping to the default.

Overwatch 2 voice chat might not work on account of parental controls too. Check in the event that your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account is restricted by them. You can likewise check your account to check whether there are any restrictions. In the event that parental controls are empowered, voice chat might be crippled.

Update your PC devices to play Overwatch 2

Ensure that your computer’s drivers are state-of-the-art. This can be done by visiting the “Gadget Chief” and right-clicking the devices for the option to update them.

Obviously, additionally ensure that you have the latest update for your Windows. Other solutions that can fix voice chat in Overwatch 2 include basically restarting your PC and restarting the game.

On the off chance that all else doesn’t work, you can contact Snowstorm’s support team about it. Try to include the mistake code in the event that you get one also. Additionally, assuming that you’re playing Overwatch 2 on PC, include your voice chat logs for the game. This can be done by opening the game’s envelope and going into the “Logs” region. The “overwatch.log” section is where your voice chat log is located. Attach those logs to your support ticket so Snowstorm’s customer administration and look further into the issue and assist with resolving it.

How to fix voice chat not working in Overwatch 2

Can t voice chatting Overwatch 2?

You might need to permit the game to approach your headset in the event that you’re on PC, or check if your “Party chat output” is set correctly on Xbox consoles. For Xbox consoles, locate “Audio and Music”, then find “Headset Mic” and turn it on. Then you ought to be in business.

Click the speaker icon next to the player you want to mute/unmute. You can likewise mute yourself by selecting the microphone icon next to your name.

How do you turn on voice chat in Overwatch 2?

Start up Overwatch 2 and go to the game’s main multiplayer menu. Once you’ve done that, go to Settings. Presently, find Sound and press on it. After that, you ought to have the option to see a sub-menu option that says Voice Chat under Broad, click on Voice Chat.

Voice chat permits you to address other players in Overwatch 2 with a connected microphone. Voice chat is empowered and set to move to talk naturally.

In what will presumably come as a disappointment to numerous Overwatch fans, Snowstorm VP Jon Spector has declared that there will be not any more open betas for Overwatch 2 (opens in new tab) in front of its send off in October.

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