How to Obtain Five Seconds of Air-Time on a K-Drive in Warframe

Warframe has become K-Drive fixated thanks to the addition of the Yareli Warframe. All players should embrace their wild side to get her, including figuring out how to Five Seconds of Air-Time on a K-Drive in Warframe. This is one of the challenges to unlock Page 4 in the Waverider mission, and should be finished for anyone who wants to advance that part of the story.

The best place to go to finish this challenge is the actual south of the map. To the southeast of the Transit Terminal and the southwest of the Spaceport is a massive outcropping of rock that sticks out over the Circle Vallis.

Players can travel to the top of it using their Archwing and then, at that point, send their Tempered Bapholite in Warframe, speeding as far as possible and charging up a leap. Release the leap as you reach the edge, and make sure to aim for the most profound part of the valley underneath you to broaden the timeframe you are falling for. It could take a couple of attempts to get this to work impeccably, and you can have a go at doing various tricks on the way down to check whether they slow you plummet.

Hanging’ with their logical fam in the conduits of Fortuna, the Ventkids get by stealing parts from the Corpus and running Five Seconds of Air-Time on a K-Drive in Warframe out on the Vallis. Around evening time the ventways bang to the sound of skeg – to the chagrin of the locals.

K-Drives are hoverboards allowing players to move fast between locations in the open universes: Plains of Eidolon, Sphere Vallis, or the Cambion Float. They also give the player access to races managed by the Ventkids in Sphere Vallis, or by Grandma on Cambion Float.

On the road to customized K-Drives

Players will have the chance to fabricate their own K-Drives with the assistance of the Ventkids. Their Clubhouse can be tracked down in Fortuna. Be on the lookout for graffiti and Skeg coming out of the channels!

Gathering K-Drives components

This can be done basically by browsing through the Ventkids Wares, where the player will be offered a progression of parts to be purchased.

Explicit K-Drives Mods can also be purchased at the same location for Standing. Those Mods will make K-Drives more proficient, by either doing tricks and combos more accessible or last longer or by making the K-Drive all the more deadly!

Assembling K-Drive

After talking to Roky, a K-Drive can be reviewed or assembled together in the event that the player has the parts.

There will be 4 kinds of components required, the Board, the Reactor, the Nose, and the Stream. The main part granting players the Mastery will be the Board.

K-Drives races

The most ideal way to gain Standing with the Ventkids is by completing K-Drive races. Purple markers will be displayed in the Sphere Vallis map (M naturally once in the open world) when a K-Drive is mounted, indicating the location you can find Boon to start a K-Drive race.

Once started, the goal will be to go through checkpoints during the race and be the fastest to finish the race, while doing tricks to earn more Standing with the Ventkids!

Available K-Drive races rotate daily, not all are available at the same time. Make certain to check back regularly to face the challenge of another race!


Grandmother on Deimos has gotten her hands on another Infested K-Drive and it very well may be obtained by completing each of her Races out in the Cambion Float! Once the Feverspine, Gristlebuck, Nodulite, and Steeba parts are obtained, players can visit Roky in Fortuna to construct the Infested K-Drive.

Parts locations:

  • Feverspine (Board) – Dead Drop race, located in South-West of the Deimos Terminus
  • Gristlebuck (Reactor) – Muck and Soil race, located West of the Infested Seraglio
  • Nodulite (Nose) – Exocrine Stream race, located North of Catabolic Drain
  • Steeba (Planes) – Pride Before a Fall race, located North of the Undulatum, near the edge of the Cambion Float

Warframe’s Update 30.5 brings with it the new Sisters of Parvos antagonists, new weapons, and another Warframe, Yareli, attached to another mission. Anyone who wants to unlock Yareli should do the new mission, called The Waverider. It sees the Tenno interpret the pages of an ancient Orokin comic to attempt to save the existence of one of the hoverboarding Ventkids. It’s somewhat strange.

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