Where to Find The Dub Exotic Shotgun in Fortnite

The Dub Exotic Shotgun in Fortnite is seemingly the most entertaining weapon to use in Chapter 3 Season 3. This Shotgun includes an extraordinary kick-back repairman that sends rivals flying in the wake of dealing harm. The Dub reminds players of the famous Flint-Knock Pistol which includes a comparative specialist. In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, players will get to buy The Dub Exotic Shotgun from three distinct NPCs.

You can purchase The Dub from Jonesy the First, Ludwig, and Mullet Marauder NPC in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. This Exotic weapon costs around 600 Gold Bars. The Dub is incredibly strong very close and arrangements high harm with two progressive shots. The main issue is that the rival will move kicked far away after the primary shot.

You can involve it in combination with a Shockwave Grenade in No Build Mode to rapidly follow the rival. Likewise, players can utilize this weapon inside buildings where rivals have nowhere to get away. In a perfect world, in box battles, players need to rapidly construct a wall to enclose the rival prior to shooting them with The Dub.

Where to find The Dub Exotic Shotgun in Fortnite

Where to Find The Dub Exotic Shotgun in Fortnite

The Dub otherwise known as the shotgun rendition of Flint-Knock will make a re-visitation of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. Walk up Sand Dunes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Following the v18.30 hotfix, the weapon is booked to be added to the game.

The Dub works similar as the “OG” Double Barrel Shotgun. Nonetheless, what makes it stand apart is the “kick-back” impact that players experience while firing the weapon. This impact is additionally felt by those that are hit by the shot.

According to the information gathered from early releases, the weapon will be accessible for buy from Ember for 400 gold bars. The NPC can be found at the Scenic Spot, which is found northwest of Corny Crops.

Dissimilar to the Fortnite Combat Shotgun, which is successful up to a scope of 60m, The Dub has an extremely short reach. Best utilized by players are precise with short proximity weapons and who only sometimes miss.

The Dub is a really strong shotgun in Fortnite. A very much positioned headshot will K.O. the adversary right away. It has a high DPS of 228, with each shot dealing 120 harm. It likewise causes 90 harm to structures which can prove to be useful during a form battle.

Where to find The Dub Exotic Shotgun in Fortnite

Where to buy The Dub Shotgun Chapter 3?

First up is The Dub shotgun which can truly sneak up all of a sudden. You can get your hands on it from either Ludwig, Mullet Marauder, or Jonesy The First in return for 600 gold bars. The NPCs you are looking for to get The Dub will all generate at The Joneses point of interest.

Land only southwest of Steamy Stacks. Make a beeline for the street with the racecourse enrichments. Find Burnout (he will have a discourse bubble over his head). Address him and select The Dub.

Where can I buy a dub?

The Dub can be purchased from Bunker Jonesy for 600 Gold Bars. Fortification Jonesy himself is found in the actual south of The Joneses named area on the east side of the guide.

Extra remark activities. In sports while marking a win and misfortune they use W and L.

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