Where To Find Gold Keys In Granblue Fantasy Relink – Full Guide

Granblue Fantasy Relink is an activity pretending game set in the rich and dynamic universe of Granblue Fantasy. As players set out on their experience, they’ll experience different difficulties and fortunes, including the sought after Gold Keys.

Where To Find Gold Keys In Granblue Fantasy Relink

What are Gold Keys and Why are They Important?

Meaning of Gold Keys:

Gold Keys are extraordinary items that open secret fortunes and valuable compensations throughout the game.

They give admittance to rare and strong items that can help players in their excursion.

Locations of Gold Keys in the Game

Money boxes:

Gold Keys can often be found inside money boxes dissipated across the game world.

These chests might be concealed in far off locations or monitored by strong adversaries, requiring players to investigate and conquer difficulties to get to them.

Tips for Obtaining Gold Keys


Completely investigate every area of the game to uncover stowed away mysteries and fortunes.

Watch out for buried sections, interactable articles, and hints that might prompt Gold Keys.

Journeys and Side Missions:

Completing journeys and side missions might compensate players with Gold Keys as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

Focus on NPC exchange and mission depictions for hints on where to find these valuable items.

Best Ways to Use Gold Keys

Unlocking Rare Items:

Use Gold Keys to open chests containing rare weapons, reinforcement, extras, and other valuable items.

These items can fundamentally improve the player’s capacities and give benefits in battle.

Accessing Secret Areas:

Some Gold Keys might open secret sections or entrances to secret areas that hold one of a kind difficulties and prizes.

Investigate these areas to uncover stowed away legend, strong foes, and extra fortunes.

Other Valuable Items to Look Out For in the Game

Silver Keys and Bronze Keys:

While Gold Keys are profoundly desired, don’t overlook the worth of Silver Keys and Bronze Keys, which might open lesser yet useful prizes.

Collecting an assortment of keys guarantees that players approach a different scope of fortunes.

Where To Find Gold Keys In Granblue Fantasy Relink


Gold Keys are valued belongings in Granblue Fantasy Relink, offering admittance to rare and strong items that can help players on their awe-inspiring excursion. By exploring tenaciously, completing journeys, and utilizing keys carefully, players can open the maximum capacity of their experience in the realm of Granblue Fantasy.

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