FF14 Mystery Miners: How To Solve The Riddle [Full Guide]

This guide is about FF14 Mystery Miners. I’m clearing my path through the fundamental story journey of FF14 Mystery Miners, and I went over an especially confounding mission that a couple of people have requested that I share the answer for, since there’s no genuine aides yet.

Obviously that relies upon how you play. On the off chance that you investigate our FFXIV evening out guide, you’ll see that there are a lot of approaches to gather XP in the game however, on the off chance that you’ve chosen this side journey in the northwest corner of the new desert locale of Amh Areang, you will have to realize how to tick it off.

FF14 Mystery Miners is one of the many side journeys brought into the game with the arrival of the Shadowbringers development back in 2019. What’s more, it’s additionally something that players have been having a fairly difficult time finishing because of a difficult enigma joined to it. This is anything but an especially significant mission for the awesome fundamental plot, yet numerous players should complete it at any rate for the experience focuses alone.

As per the conundrum that you get after you’ve moved toward the applicable mission supplier, the FF14 Mystery Miners area is “On street driving far off, follow to the third star. Dread not the fall, look to the Wall. At the principal dry monster’s heel, the fearless vagabond should bow. Whatever you may desire, here’s the FFXIV Leveling Guide by which to finish the interesting FFXIV Mystery Miners mission.


With the sheer size of this dry no man’s land as a main priority, you don’t really need. To make a trip that far to get to your mysterious goal. To start with, you need to take off of the settlement. Where you got the mission and bear left down the gently shaded pathway. Stick with this course past a slope to your left side two or three little shakes to your right side. Stop when you detect a tree with a shining imprint at its base.

This ethereal marker is your goal – see, we disclosed to you it wasn’t far. From that point, you should simply communicate with it and, at which you point. You’ll ‘bow deferentially’ until you discover a money box underneath the sand. Furthermore, that is it, that is the manner by which to finish FF14 Mystery Miners. In case you’re searching for help on another interesting riddle in Shadowbringers. The manner by which to get the FFXIV City of the Ancients journey settled up. Also, well that is done, you can keep plunging into the third extension with a new portion of Gil and XP in your back pocket.

FFXIV Mystery Miners Guide

FF14 Mystery Miners

Numerous players discover this journey to be so difficult on the grounds that you get next to zero direction on the most proficient method to complete it. Indeed, conversing with the journey provider gives you a notice, cautioning you about the absence of bearings.

When you do acknowledge the journey, be that as it may, you’ll get a puzzle to work out. It goes: “On-street driving a remote place, follow the third star, dread not the fall, look to the divider, at the primary dry goliath’s heel, the bold drifter should bow.” We’ll direct you through the FF14 Mystery Miners mission bit by bit, remembering the question.

  • “On street driving far off” – This is alluding to the railroad driving out of the town of Twine. To start your excursion, get on it and begin strolling.
  • “Follow the third star” – Stars radiate light, so in this unique circumstance. The question is discussing the light posts on the track. You should stroll similar to the third post.
  • “Dread not the fall” – Players should bounce off the tracks. They’re really raised, so you’ll take a touch of harm.
  • “Look to the divider” – To the upper east is a goliath white divider. You need to hop off the tracks toward this construction.
  • “At the principal dry goliath’s heel” – Directly before where you land, there will be an old tree standing in isolation. This is the thing that the enigma alludes to as the dry monster.
  • “The fearless drifter should bow” – Perform the Kneel act out at. The foundation of the old tree to get a chest.

Take this back to the NPC Drery to at last completion the mission.

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