How to Fast Forward on Your Apple TV

Fast Forward on Your Apple TV in most Apple TV applications, you can fast forward as well as rewind the content that you watch. This incorporates applications like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and that’s just the beginning.

The greatest exception is while watching you’re observing live TV — clearly, you can’t fast forward past anything that’s at present communicating. However, you can in any case probably stop it, and afterward fast forward when you continue.

Contingent upon when you purchased your Apple ID, you’ll have an alternate remote — either the Siri/Apple TV remote, or the Apple Remote. The names might be comparative, however they don’t resemble the other the same much by any means.

Fortunately, you can differentiate them without any problem. The Siri/Apple TV remote has a huge touchpad at the top of the remote, as well as a microphone button. The Apple Remote has an enormous dark circle at the top.

How to Fast Forward on Your Apple TV

How to Fast Forward on Your Apple TV

The Apple TV remote doesn’t include named buttons for highlights like fast forward and rewind, Make Keyboard Bigger on iphone yet it is exceptionally simple to do. This is the way to fast forward, rewind, clean and skirt through TV shows and motion pictures on Apple TV.

The accompanying depicted actions are the framework standard motions and actions for controllers on tvOS, the working arrangement of Apple TV. You will actually want to play out these actions on Apple’s applications, similar to the TV application, and outsider applications that utilization a similar video player. Note: Some outsider applications utilize elective custom video players and may not help the signals as a whole (albeit great applications ought to, and there is practically general help for the rudiments).

To fast forward the at present playing video, while a video is unpaused, long-push on the right edge of the  TV remote (on the freshest TV remote, this region is shown with a spot on the roundabout D-Pad). This will begin propelling playback at a faster speed. A fast forward icon will be noticeable in the on-screen progress bar. You can deliver your finger’s press when the fast forward has begun.

To make it fast forward faster, press the right edge once more. This will add a number 2 to the on-screen progress bar, showing it is progressing at two times the speed. You can press again to go to a much faster 3x speed.

How to Fast Forward on Your Apple TV

How do I fast forward fast on Apple TV remote?

Continuously rewind or fast-forward: Press and hold left or right on the clickpad ring (second-generation Siri Remote) or touch surface (original Siri Remote). Press left or right over and over to burn through rewind or fast-forward speed options (2x, 3x, 4x).

How do I skip forward on Apple TV remote?

Press the Play/Pause button on the Siri Remote. Press and hold down the right half of the trackpad or clickpad on the Siri Remote to fast forward through content.

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