Every Emote in Lost Ark and How to get them

This article is about Every emote in Lost Ark and how to get them. Some emotes are accessible naturally, some are obtained during the [Main Quest] line, and others are more enthusiastically to find. The challenging to obtain ones might actually require a long time to obtain as they are locked behind every day undertakings.

However, Compatibility Emotes are activities that increase the Rapport Level with a NPC. Five (5) Emotes can be finished each day on a single Roster. Emotes reset at 5 am Server Time. These are something similar/emote activities that you can obtain from different undertakings within the game. How much Rapport gained per emote is something similar across all NPCs.

Every emote in Lost Ark and how to get them

Every Emote in Lost Ark and How to get them

  • Advance Complete 40% of the Adventurer’s Tome for Arthetine
  • Affection Reward from A Great Discovery from Moyamoya on Totopia
  • Beg Reward from Lina the Lovely from Pleasant Lina in Runaways Island
  • Blow a Kiss Reward from Honorary Punikan from Kakarina in Nia Village
  • Bored Complete 70% of the Adventurer’s Tome in Rethramis
  • Cheers Reward from Master’s Drinking Table in Melody Forest
  • Cute Purchase from Yurei on Peyto for 5,000 Silver
  • However, Error Reward from Truth or Dare from Minerva in Wisdom Isle
  • Fear Reward from The Faces of Terror from Schweiz in Metus Islands

Reward List

  • Frustrated Reward from The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation from Toto Elder on Toto Silver Island
  • Interrogate Reward from The Three Leaders in Stern
  • Joy Reach Trusted Rapport Level with Mokamoka in Mokoko Village
  • However, Lailai Reward from Getting Ready for the Festival in Nia Village
  • Levitate Reward from Pioneer of Shangra from Eunsun on Shangra Island
  • Oath Reward from Dark Blade in Kalaja
  • Pain Get Reputation Level 3 for Remnants of the Plague
  • Polite Reward from Becoming a Queen from Vivian in Luterra Castle
  • However, Pray Reward from Morai Ruins in Saland Hill
  • Proud Obtain 4 Masterpiece Collectibles
  • Respect Reward from Ealyn’s Gift in Vern Castle
  • Roar Purchase from Blackfang in Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin
  • However, Shy Reward from A Good Day to Love from Zenri in Liebeheim
  • Soul Recovery Reward from Pioneer of Shangra from Eunsun on Shangra Island
  • Stretch Complete 70% of the Adventurer’s Tome in West Luterra
  • Surrender Reward from Rebuilding Luterra journey from Ranche
  • Sway Reward from Becoming an Idol journey on Peyto
  • However, Taunt Purchase from Blackfang for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin.
  • Threaten Get 10 Island Tokens.
  • Umarka Complete the World Quest in Yorn. Award from Father Knows Best from Neria in Isendelf.
  • Wave Dance Obtain 35 Island Tokens.
  • Whistle Get Reputation Level 3 for Ruffians in the Ground at Azure Wind Island

Where to get all the missing emotes in Lost Ark?

However, The emotes menu in Lost Ark can be gotten to by pressing the “Y” button on the console. In the table beneath, you can see all of the emotes that are not accessible of course. They are in sequential request with a depiction and obtaining strategy.

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Every emote in Lost Ark and how to get them

How to Get All Emotes in Lost Ark

Emotes are activities and motions performed by the Character after the player types in the Emote in Chat. by appending the name of the Emote with a/in talk, you can play out the Emote. However, There are a great deal of Emotes you get in this game and this is the way you can find them.

  • However, – Obtaine as a Drop when 40% of Adventurer’s Tome is finish in Arthetine. Type/advance to play out the Emote.
  • Friendship – Obtained by completing the A Great Discovery Quest from NPC Moyamoya on Totopia. Type/friendship to play out the Emote.
  • However, Obtained by completing the Lina The Lovely Quest from NPC Pleasant Lina on Runaways Island. Type/ask to play out the Emote.
  • Pantomime blowing a Kiss – Obtained by completing the Honorary Punikan Quest from NPC Kakarina in Nia Village on Punika. Type/kiss to play out the Emote.
  • Exhausted – Obtained as a Drop when 70% of Adventurer’s Tome is finished in Rethramis. Type/exhausted to play out the Emote.

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