How to Make Ensha Invade in Elden Ring

Ensha is a NPC that truly stands apart among the ones you find in Roundtable Hold. They stand in the side room discreetly. At the point when you converse with them, you get no response. You get a motion, yet they never really talk. You find out so minimal about them and afterward unexpectedly, suddenly, you get invaded by them and a supervisor battle in Roundtable Hold results. On the off chance that you are as befuddled by this as we are, you should know how you make this battle occur. This guide will show you how to make Ensha Invade in Elden Ring.

To tempt Ensha to invade, you should acquire a particular thing: Haligtree’s mysterious memento (right). This is one of the secret curios in the Lands Between, alongside its other half, which you will not have the option to reach until some other time in the game. On account of the plan of Ensha Invade in Elden Ring, hurrying to snatch the emblem piece could bring about you being trapped by Ensha instantly.

To get the emblem piece, you should make your direction to the spot on the guide above. This region is the Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia. To arrive at this area, you will either have to go through or around Stormveil Castle, go down to the lake in Liurnia, and afterward ride along the western precipice face until you arrive at the slope that prompts the town. When you arrive at the Family Heads in Elden Ring, you should find the pot that has a slight sparkle around it.

Who is Ensha?

Nobody truly knows what his identity is, however the main data. We are familiar him is that he is the protector of Gideon Ofnir. The individuals who have beaten the game realize that you want to overcome. Gideon later on as one of the last battles in the game. So it sort of makes sense when Ensha Invade in Elden Ring attempts to overcome. You when you get farther into the story.

When you rout him, you can get his defensive layer set which we involved. A great deal in our first playthrough of the game. A totally incredible set merits getting when you rout him. On the off chance that you have gotten the Medallion piece and you haven’t seen him yet. Simply magically transport to the Roundtable Hold and you can battle him for yourself. In the event that he doesn’t show, it very well may be an error. Yet there have been no reports of that messing up yet.

How to Make Ensha Invade in Elden Ring

He possibly goes after you when you quick travel back to the Roundtable Hold region subsequent to getting the Right Haligtree Medallion from Albus. On the off chance that you don’t have any idea where he is, begin from the Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace and follow the right divider up past the houses. You will then see a pot in the extreme right corner and everything you need to do is hit it once.

Ensha Invade in Elden Ring

Albus will uncover himself and give you the Medallion Ensha Invade in Elden Ring. You just need to quick head out to the Roundtable and you can confront the skeleton protected man himself. When crushed, go to where he stood directly before Gideon’s entryway, and you can get the Royal Remains protection set.

Individuals are exceptionally disheartened in this character as a result of how cool the person was set up. There might have been a more extended questline. That accompanied him like him assisting Gideon with battling you towards the finish of the game. He is a cool person, however FromSoft most likely didn’t see the potential the person had in any case.

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