Why are My Double Kills not Counting MW2

The idea of Double Kills not Counting MW2 is as straightforward as the name proposes. Double kills in Present day Warfare 2 can be achieved when players get two kills sequentially within three seconds of each other. Regardless of whether the second kill that you get is a fraction of a second too late, it won’t consider a double kill. When you get the subsequent kill in that ideal time span, you will be rewarded with 110 XP and a double kill notification will flash on the screen.

Current Warfare 2 players know the importance of these very much planned double kills as they are expected to finish weapon camo challenges in the game. For example, for the M4 Assault Rifle, one of the camo challenges is to get 10 double kills with the M4.

However, for a long while now, Modern Warfare 2 players have been reporting an issue with the double kills not registering in-game. Here is all we realize about why double kills have not been registering for certain players and how to fix this issue.

Why are my Double Kills not Counting MW2

Double Kills Not Being Counted in MW2

At times, your Double Kills are being counted towards your overall weapon challenge progress. However, because of an error, they aren’t being displayed accurately.

Restarting MW2 appears to revive the counter, allowing it to accurately count all of the Double Kills it beforehand hadn’t perceived.

How to fix MW 2 double kills not tracking

Apparently, right now the count kill issue is, then, generally, a visual error. We would advise, to fix this, to simply restart the game altogether and attempt to load back in. Ideally, this ought to fix the issue, in the event that it doesn’t, all things considered, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your kills are as yet being safely enrolled.

This is definitely not another issue, as this is the kind of thing that will in general happen in the game endlessly time again. Players have noted that this isn’t really a bug, but instead a minor error. In spite of the game not displaying your actual kills, MW2 is as yet counting them, so this minor issue shouldn’t hold you back from having fun.

Why are my Double Kills not Counting MW2

How to score a double kill in MW2

As referenced, scoring double kills is easy as lengthy as they are finished in a short space of time, yet at the same that’s not all. Recall that the kills are not counted assuming they are made with two distinct firearms and, also, AI kills in Invasion and Ground War modes don’t figure in with double.

Finally, recall that the Double Kill notification should be displayed on the screen, in any case – regardless of the error – the game isn’t counting that as a double kill.

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