All Divine Art Scroll locations in Valkyrie Elysium – Full List

Divine Art Scroll locations in Valkyrie Elysium capability as the impetus for learning wizardry. Notwithstanding, not at all like conventional RPGs where expertise points are invested and open higher levels of spells, both the spells and their updates should be seen as on the planet. Here is a helpful cheat sheet on where to find each scroll.

You can prepare up to four Divine Arts all at once. Which you set to relate with a face button of your decision. A decent housekeeping tip here is to placed them on a similar button as the corresponding Einherjar – for instance, in the event that you prepare Eygon, your lightning Einherjar, to Triangle on the call wheel (R1), prepare Lightning Bolt to Triangle on the Divine Art wheel (R2).

There are typically three levels of each Divine Art. And each increase in level will give the spell a more noteworthy impact. Yet at the expense of a higher drain on your Arts Measure. You’ll top off this rapidly via landing typical assaults, be that as it may.

Divine Art Scrolls are key things in Valkyrie Elysium that allow you to involve different Divine Arts in fight. These scrolls are in many cases found in unique blue chests dissipated all through the different region of the game’s main story journey.

All Divine Art Scroll locations in Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium Divine Art Scrolls

There are seven kinds of Divine Arts in Valkyrie Elysium:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Dim
  • Blessed
  • Earth
  • Lightning
  • Non-essential

All however non-basic give reward harm to your adversaries, and their shortcoming should be visible close to their wellbeing measure.

Taking benefit of their shortcoming will stun a foe into a province of Natural Squash, Spell Slots in Elden Ring and landing one more Divine Art of the right component will drive this further and Immobilize them, giving you valuable chance to bargain out some serious harm. You’ll set off Basic Squash all the speedier in the event that you’re likewise using the Einherjar of a similar component, as that concedes your ordinary goes after a natural reward as well.

Fire Divine Arts

  • Fire Valkyrie Elysium Divine Arts
  • Fire Divine Arts
  • Fire Spear I
  • Found in a chest close to the entry of the first Stockpiling Camp in Section 1
  • Fire Spear II
  • Found in a chest situated at the chime tower in Section 6.
  • Fire Spear III
  • Complete the Subquest, “The Entertainer’s Error”
  • Firestorm I
  • Complete Section 2
  • Firestorm II
  • Complete Section 6
  • Firestorm III
  • Complete the Subquest, “Fight Instructions from Taika”
  • Ifrit’s Carress I
  • Complete the Subquest, “Blossoms for You I”
  • Ifrit’s Carress II
  • Complete the Subquest, “Blossoms for You II”
  • Ifrit’s Carress III
  • Complete the Subquest, “Blossoms for You III”
  • Lightning Divine Arts
  • Lightning Valkyrie Elysium Divine Arts
  • Lightning Divine Arts

Lightning Bolt I

  • Default Divine Art that You Are Prepared toward the Beginning of The Game
  • Lightning Bolt II
  • In Part 5, there is a chest found close to the palace entryway key.
  • Lightning Bolt III
  • Complete the Subquest, “Mock Fight with Eygon”
  • Meteor Stream I
  • Complete the Subquest, “On account of Companions I”
  • Meteor Stream II
  • Complete the Subquest, “On account of Companions II”
  • Meteor Stream III
  • Complete the Subquest, “On account of Companions III”

Ice Divine Arts

  • Ice Valkyrie Elysium Divine Arts
  • Ice Divine Arts

Hail Shot I

  • In Part 1, there is a chest containing this scroll found in the Campo Stockpiling Precious stone Room in the southwest region.
  • Hail Shot II
  • At the second checkpoint in Section 5, there is a way down in the wake of exiting it and a chest is found from your view.
  • Hail Shot III
  • Complete the Subquest, “Introduction to Code”
  • Frosty Snowstorm I
  • Complete the Subquest, “Code’s Conviction I”
  • Cold Snowstorm II
  • Complete the Subquest, “Code’s Conviction II”
  • Frosty Snowstorm III
  • Complete the Subquest, “Code’s Conviction III”

Blessed Divine Arts

  • Blessed Valkyrie Elysium Divine Arts
  • Blessed Divine Arts
  • Grave Edge I
  • Prior to entering the final phase of Section 1, there is a chest tracked down in the palace storm cellar
  • Grave Edge II
  • Complete Section 3
  • Grave Edge III
  • Complete the Subquest, “A Coordinate with Kristoffer”
  • Outrageous Void I
  • Complete the Subquest, “Inconveniences of the Gallant Princess I”
  • Outrageous Void II
  • Complete the Subquest, “Inconveniences of the Courageous Princess II”
  • Outrageous Void III
  • Complete the Subquest, “Inconveniences of the Gallant Princess III”

Dim Divine Arts

  • Dim Valkyrie Elysium Divine Arts
  • Dim Divine Arts

Discipline Impact I

  • Complete Part 4
  • Discipline Impact II
  • Complete Part 6
  • Discipline Impact III
  • Complete the Subquest, “Risky Insider facts”
  • Combination III
  • Complete the Subquest, “Metal forger’s Desire”
  • Earth Divine Arts
  • Earth Valkyrie Elysium Divine Arts
  • Earth Divine Arts

Mortal Concealment I

  • Complete Part 3
  • Mortal Concealment II
  • Complete Part 7
  • Mortal Concealment III
  • Complete the Subquest, “Risky Insider facts”

Non-Essential Divine Arts

  • Non-Essential Valkyrie Elysium Divine Arts
  • Non-Essential Divine Arts
  • Recuperate I
  • In Part 1, there is a chest containing this scroll tracked down on the ground floor level of the Chruch
  • Mend II
  • Complete Section 3
  • Mend III
  • In Section 5, there is a chest found in the space where you need to open the main door.
  • Union I
  • Complete the Subquest, “Mother’s Ring”
  • Union II
  • Complete Section 5
  • Nibelung Valesti I
  • Complete Section 8
  • Nibelung Valesti II
  • Complete the Subquest, “Earthly Exploration Record III”

All Divine Art Scroll locations in Valkyrie Elysium

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