How to Dive in Final Fantasy XIV

Dive in Final Fantasy XIV you may be approached to bounce into the water and dive while you’re playing through the Main Scenario missions or working as an afterthought journeys. The submerged swimming element isn’t altogether intuitive and can be hard to do accurately. This is the thing you want to be familiar with how to dive and what it does in Final Fantasy XIV.

You’ll need to advance into the water, commonly around. Where your mission is found or on the other hand. Assuming you’re simply swimming near and investigating a region; notwithstanding, ensure you’re in the water. At the point when you’re there. The main thing you really want to do currently is click Ctrl and the Space Bar all the while.

Your personality will play out a speedy dive into the water, and afterward you’ll have the option to swim around uninhibitedly. In the event that you’re playing on a regulator, click the O button while swimming. Your personality will investigate the region toward any path and can move in all bearings imaginable. They will not be moving as fast as they could ashore, yet it’s anything but a tremendous distinction in speed.

How to dive in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Dive in Final Fantasy XIV

While swimming has pre-existed in Final Fantasy XIV in regions like Eastern La Noscea’s Costa del Sol, Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV the Stormblood development permitted players to plunge submerged and investigate shiny new profundities underneath the ocean. The capacity to swim submerged isn’t only elite to Stormblood, for players will get back to the underwater world during the Shadowbringers storyline also. Having the option to cross under the ocean adds an entirely different layer of investigation as the flying technician presented in Final Fantasy XIV’s most memorable development, Heavensward.

There is no breath meter, so go ahead and swim around and investigate the profundities however long you like. Also, when you figure out how to plunge, each of your flying mounts gain the capacity to swim submerged too. You might actually toss all rationale through the window and ride your Flying Cumulus cloud submerged.

On the off chance that players are on a Mount that can fly inside their ebb and flow zone in Final Fantasy XIV, they can fly straightforwardly into the water to naturally jump.

How to dive in Final Fantasy XIV

What’s the fastest way to swim underwater?

Kick. In a joint effort with your smooth out, major areas of strength for a kick is the quickest method for swimming submerged. This kick is finished by kicking the two legs all the while in a dolphin like movement. Your upper legs and thighs resolution this kick as your knees twist marginally.

On the off chance that you’ve just failed to remember how to make it happen, it’s straightforward! Enter any waterway that permits plunging. And click the CTRL and Spacebar buttons on the off chance that you’re on a mouse and console. On the off chance that you’re on a regulator. To plunge, all you really want to hit is the circle button on a Dualshock or the B button on a Xbox regulator.

How do you swim underwater in Final Fantasy?

Assuming that you are playing on console, it’s O or B, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One individually. Just tap the button to naturally go submerged and you can start investigating. Certain mounts can likewise be utilized submerged for immensely quicker travel speeds.

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