How To Disable The TAA Setting in Stray

Disable The TAA Setting in Stray An adventure game where you play like a cat and explore the city of cyberpunk. This is the latest title published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by Blue Twevle Studio. We had a great time with it, and if you are interested in our ideas, be sure to read our review. The game looks great, but the PC version requires some updates to the usual Unreal stuttering issues.

To disable the Stray TAA setting, follow these steps: The TAA, also known as temporal antialiasing. Is the technique used in many modern titles to reduce aliasing and sparkle at a lower cost than other techniques. Despite good results and performance, it causes a blur effect that can affect the clarity of many users.

The Stray has a sharpening effect to mitigate this. But you can turn it off completely by editing the configuration file. Press Windows + R keys at the same time or search in Windows Search to open Windows Run. Enter the following address and press [OK].

How To Disable The TAA Setting in Stray

How To Disable The TAA Setting in Stray

Set in a dark cityscape and a neon-lit cityscape, Stray is a beautiful game to look at. take photos in Dinkum This may be due to the forced TAA settings coded in this video game. TAA is an acronym for Temporal Antialiasing that smoothes game resolution. But you should have some freedom, right? Turning on the TAA setting also has a blur effect that smoothes the resolution. Some gamers enjoy smooth resolution and graphics, while others prefer crisp, clear resolution. Here is a guide to disabling the TAA setting in Stray.

If you disable the TAA setting, the resolution will be much sharper. Disabling TAA makes the game look more realistic and dark. If you change your mind and want to revert to the TAA settings, follow the steps above to delete the added line. You need to delete the line and save the configuration file. This allows you to re-enable the TAA settings.

Unfortunately, this has some drawbacks. End the game without antialiasing. This can result in artifacts no matter what decision you make, such as low resolution, much more noticeable jagged edges, and a noticeable “glitter” of cat fur.

How To Disable The TAA Setting in Stray

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