How to Defeat The Sound of the Abyss in Thymesia

Sound of the Abyss in Thymesia has various troublesome adversaries and supervisors, with a portion of the side managers being the most interesting and fantastic battles in the game. These managers offer different plunder to the player, including new powerups, memory shards, and elixir redesign materials. Close by this, these supervisors permit players to open different endings by combining their centers together. The Sound of the Abyss is a huge worm at the core of the mysterious lab in the Illustrious Nurseries zone. It must be battled after the player has defeated The Hanged Sovereign and cleared the necessary sub-mission to finally meet the monster.

The Sound of the Abyss will battle the player in a huge field. Where the beefy gem worm will sporadically strike down allowing for the player to hit it. Generally speaking, this battle is one of the simpler ones in Thymesia. Yet The Sound of the Abyss causes incredible harm and can without much of a stretch crash a player on the off chance that they aren’t cautious in reading its tells.

How to Defeat The Sound of the Abyss in Thymesia

How to Defeat The Sound of the Abyss in Thymesia

Sound Of The Abyss, otherwise known as Analysis One, is an incredible amazing sight. All Endings in Thymesia It’s one of the biggest managers in Thymesia. Perhaps equalling that of the Divine force Of The Dolts. Like that chief, Sound Of The Abyss is to a greater degree a trick as opposed to a genuine danger, and you can beat it decently fast once you know the skill.

Being a major worm, Sound Of The Abyss doesn’t have many assaults. And the ones it has, are not precisely fluctuated. Generally, it will attempt to hit you with its larger than usual head, and there’s really nothing else to it.

Stage Two is how things can veer off-track before long. Sound Of The Abyss will begin slamming its head on either side of the war zone, causing the field to shrink and gems to fall. He will do this multiple times, and in the event that his head hits you, you are instantly killed. Attempt to remain in the center of the field to stay away from it.

Sound Of The Abyss will fall in fatigue subsequent to doing this. And allow its mouth to stay uncovered to an Execution. Trigger the movement and win the battle.

How to Defeat The Sound of the Abyss in Thymesia

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