Where is Cypress Flats in GTA 5

Cypress Flats in GTA 5 with the Los Santos Tuners update delivered. GTA Online is currently a lot more like a racing game than previously. Albeit the update is something other than underground racing and tuner way of life. The main feature of this new expansion to the game is LS Car Meet.

LS Car Meet is another gathering point for vehicle sweethearts in the game who need to flaunt their modded and smooth rides. It’s situated in Cypress Flats, and there’s likewise another movement framework called Reputation. Which works much the same way to movements found on road racing games. Regardless, visiting Cypress Flats and LS Car Meet ought to be first on your list once you play GTA Online subsequent to downloading the Los Santos Tuners update.

On the off chance that you love this new component in the game. You ought to get to know the region as you’ll find yourself going back to Cypress Flats consistently. To take care of you, we’ve chosen to make an aide on the best way to find Cypress Flats in GTA Online.


Where is Cypress Flats in GTA 5

Ensure you have one of the 10 new vehicles accessible today in the new update. Real Minecraft Games for Adults & Kids So you can show it off at the meetup. Look at the link underneath to see every one of the new shiny and costly vehicles included in Los Santos Tuners. Or on the other hand in the event that you’ve previously gotten yourself another ride, continue to peruse to find out how you can join the new GTA vehicle meetup at Cypress Flats.

Los Santos Tuners is the huge summer update that GTA: Online fans have been waiting for. A sum of 10 new vehicles are accessible to buy at the present time, with a sum of 7 additional vehicles arriving through the course of the late spring.

Whenever players have bought a shiny new vehicle. They’ll have the option to join a huge vehicle meetup to flaunt their new ride. As well as a gigantic vehicle get together with fresh out of the plastic new vehicles. There’s likewise a lot of new races for players to try out their new buys. Make a beeline for the authority Rockstar Games Newswire to find out every one of the subtleties on the Los Santos Tuners update.


Where is Mimi in Cypress Flats?

After a cutscene, players will now be inside the warehouse at the car meet. Speak to Mimi, who is sat in the back of her purple car, and purchase a membership for $50,000.

How do you get to LS Car Meet?

You can utilize the Interaction Menu (hold down the touchpad) or Map to set a waypoint to the LS Car Meet. You’ll know you’re perfectly located when you coincidentally find a graffitied screen entryway with the thunder of engines inside it. Set out inside toward a cut-scene with Hao, Mimi, and a couple of new faces.

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