How to Complete Bar Resupply in GTA Online

Bar Resupply in GTA Online The purchaseable properties of GTA Online, which do not act as the front line of much larger robbery, are instead used by players to run businesses that can generate passive income. Biker clubhouses are no exception. The club president can open the clubhouse bar to paid guests. However, in order to continue this business, the president needs to stockpile drinks.

Regular trips to liquor stores may be enough to stock up on old bars. But GTA Online’s protagonist isn’t a stranger to do the most mundane work beyond the law. Instead of buying a drink himself, he has to track the shipment of alcohol and steal it for his own purposes.

As you approach the clubhouse bartender Cindy. You can offer to restock the bar instead of ordering a drink. This will drive them out of the clubhouse and spawn a delivery truck full of drinks marked with a bottle icon on the world map somewhere in San Andreas. After driving to this location, you can hijack the van and return to the clubhouse.

How to complete Bar Resupply in GTA Online

How to Complete Bar Resupply in GTA Online

GTA Online received a content-packed update on July 26th, Deathworm Horns in Ark: Survival Evolved and many are looking forward to launching a new operation that players can launch at the start of the update. Of course, in addition to the operation, there is a lot of other content provided in the update. You can now complete the bar replenishment mission as well. This guide article describes everything you need to know about how to start and complete a bar replenishment mission online in GTA.

To start the Bar Replenishment mission, you will probably need to move to the Biker Clubhouse to start. Otherwise, someone in your clubhouse may call you to let you know you can start now. Simply go to the clubhouse once the update has started and you can start a bar replenishment mission from your clubhouse laptop.

With the introduction of the Plus, all new vehicles, you’ll be confident that you’ll be stylish and where you need it. You will soon complete the bar replenishment mission!

How to complete Bar Resupply in GTA Online

How do you do the resupply mission in GTA 5?

Replenishment missions can be started with the Confusion Logistics Replenishment menu. Once selected, the player will immediately appear outside the bunker and an active private car will be nearby. Agent 14 calls the player on a regular basis to update the status.

It costs 50,000 or 10 units without a upgrade and will be sold at LS for 75,000. I used to run the bunker without upgrading to this day. Two replenishments were required to reach 100k or 150k in the LS. With the upgrade, you can get 20 units or 140,000 in one supply bar and 210,000 in LS.

Is it better to steal or buy supplies?

Players spend a little money to make a lot of money. Still, it’s a big compromise. Players should buy it themselves, as it takes time to steal other supplies. Once purchased, you can send it to the laboratory in the bunker.

A standard bunker produces research units every 5 minutes. However, a fully upgraded bunker will produce one unit every 3.5 minutes, taking a total of 3.5 hours to fill the research bar.

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