How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft [Full Guide]

This article is about Command Block in Minecraft. Command Blocks are unique blocks in Minecraft that you can use to execute commands. These can be altered to do an assortment of things to robotize things on your Minecraft worker. Command Block in Minecraft are incredibly helpful for Minecraft players who need to make experience guides and host workers. They permit players to do essentially anything that their hearts want, with commands, for example, bring forth point, bring, transport and climate.

A command block is an exceptional block in Minecraft that can be utilized to execute console commands when initiated by red stone. These blocks are very valuable for little undertakings with a couple of commands or even gigantic experience maps with a huge load of various set off occasions using command blocks. The possibly limiting element will be your imagination with regards to Command Block in Minecraft manifestations. In this aide, we will go over how you can get to command blocks just as what every one of the various settings and setup choices do within the actual block.

While these blocks are amazingly helpful, a few players may not realize how to get them as they can’t be made or generated through the Big is Minecraft. They must be produced using swindles empowered through certain commands. Players can do genuinely complex things with Command Block in Minecraft, and they can be set in a connecting chain to actuate a progression of commands to robotize measures.


Note that lone worker admins can make Command Blocks.

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Empower cheats in your reality or Realm settings.
  • Turn on Creative Mode in your reality or Realm settings.
  • Open the visit box and enter “/give [your username] command_block”
  • Spot the block where you need it.

You can kill cheats and Creative Mode after you’re doing placing the blocks in your ideal area.

For Minecraft Java Edition, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Go to the “” record in your worker’s config documents.
  2. Change the line that says “empower command-block=false” to “empower command-block=true”
  3. Provide yourself a Command Block in Minecraft by opening the visit box and entering “/give [your username] minecraft:command_block”
  4. Turn on Creative Mode by typing “/gamemode c” in your talk box.
  5. Spot the Command Block where you need it.

You can turn the game back to Survival Mode by typing “/gamemode s” in the talk box after you place the block.


When your Command Block is set’s, two or three settings you’ll see when you interact with it. Choosing between “Drive”, “Current” or “Rehash”, and “Chain” will choose when your Command Block initiates. Drive will make the command run once and stop.

Current or Repeat (depending on your adaptation) will make the command rehash reliably while controlled. Chain will make it so the block will just pursue the connecting Command Block runs, allowing players to set up more intricate frameworks.

A Command Block set at “Unrestricted” will run regardless of if the past Command Block ran effectively. “Contingent” makes it so it’ll possibly run if the past Command Block in Minecraft ran.

You can likewise set your Command Block up to be fueled by Redstone. Selecting “Needs Redstone” will make it possibly initiate if the block has Redstone. Selecting “Consistently Active” makes the command run notwithstanding.

How can players get a Command Block in Minecraft?


Command Block in Minecraft

Cheats should be empowered if players need to produce a Command Block into their Minecraft world.

There are numerous commands that permit Command Blocks to be brought forth. The principal command is the/provide command. This command will generate a Command Block into the player’s inventory. The specific command is recorded underneath:

  • /give @s command_block

The other command is the/setblock command. This command will produce a Command Block at the coordinates that the player goes into the control center. On the off chance that the player types “~” instead of coordinates, the Command Block will be set at the specific block where the player is standing, pushing them aside. The specific command is recorded beneath:

Getting Command Blocks

You won’t find these blocks like you regularly would find others in the inventive mode menu. In request to get this sort of block, you should utilize the/provide Fallout 76 Best Camp Locations. In request to get to this command you should be OP on the worker. On the off chance that you are not as of now OP on the worker head to the multicraft board control center and issue the following command:

When you have OP status on the worker you will actually want to give the appropriate command to provide yourself a Command Block in Minecraft.

How to Use Command Blocks

When you have a command block you ought to have the option to put it in your reality in the event that you have followed every one of the past advances. At the point when you right-click the block you will be met with the following interface:

Console Command Input

The Console Command input field is the place where you will need to put the command the block will run. This field is restricted to 32,500 characters. Considering these commands are being executed by the actual worker, for example, in the event that you run them in the control center, they don’t have to begin with a/. Anything you enter in this field will be endless supply of the block with Redstone.

Previous Output

As you can see on the right-hand side there is a tiny catch with the letter O. This implies that the past yield will be put away and shown in the command block. On the off chance that you click the catch and change this to a X it won’t store and show the past yield.

Block Type

Command Blocks will have three unique sorts they can be set to. This includes Impulse, Chain, and Repeat command blocks. Motivation command blocks will be the commonplace orange tone and these execute once each time they are enacted. The chain Command Block in Minecraft will be green. These will execute each time they are set off assuming they have been enacted. Ultimately, the Repeat command blocks will be purple. These execute once every game tick while they are enacted.


The state of the block can be set to either Conditional or Unconditional. The contingent setting would make the command block execute just if the command block behind it has executed effectively. With the unlimited setting will make the command block execute and it would not make any difference if some other command block behind it executes appropriately.


The redstone setting is genuinely direct. When in the Needs Redstone express the command block must be initiated with redstone. In the Always Active express, the command block will consistently be dynamic even without a redstone signal.

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