How to Clear Ruin B-01 in Tower of Fantasy

Through your excursion in the Clear Ruin B-01 in Tower of Fantasy, you will undoubtedly run over a bunch of various prisons. These prisons test your abilities more than different region of the game and offer incredible prizes when you complete them. The vast majority of these prisons will give you ammunition and two chests. Every one of them has a boss toward the end for you to play with, too. Ruin B-01 is the primary prison you can reach when you arrive at the Banges region. Be arranged because it is brimming with risk.

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Clear Ruin B-01 in Tower of Fantasy walkthrough. Leave a remark in the event that you can’t find Ruin B-01 Tower of Fantasy area.

Ruin B-01 area and stage necessity

You will get section to Ruin B-01 while you attain the Banges region. From the spot you show up in Banges, travel north and you can see this prison on a bluff above the Black Market Spacerift. It can likewise be near the border of the Navia region. You should be essentially stage 21 to enter this Ruin.

While fighting Vulcan, look out for his different fire assaults. The most significant of which were a freight assault and a long-range assault, in which three discharge shells were shot. Later in the battle, he’ll transform into more dangerous AOE assaults than fire that will burn you assuming you stall out in. Remain aware of things and you’ll be fine. The end is just after the boss. You will get the ordinary compensations of Clear Ruin B-01 in Tower of Fantasy, Gold, Exploration Points and a strong Aluminum Crystal. You will likewise get Jetpack Shards to update your Jetpack leftovers.

How to Clear Ruin B-01 in Tower of Fantasy

At the point when you enter the prison you will have a gathering of foes in an open room before you. Take out the adversaries and you’ll see two distinct ways you can take. There is likewise an information terminal here if you have any desire to gather information.

Begin by following the way through the entryway. In the lobby, press the button and the entryway will close as shown above. This will make the way for the primary chest in this prison. Open the chest and pull the switch to open the entryway again so you can get back to the open room.

Clear your path through the rotating cylindrical stages and take out the foes on the opposite side. Go up the steps and you’ll find 9 tension plates on the floor that compare to 9 points on the wall behind them. A few spots on the wall become blue. Stroll on the tension plates until they Clear Ruin B-01 in Tower of Fantasy. Coordinate the blue tension plates with the blue dabs on the wall to open the entryway leading to the following piece of the prison. On the off chance that you commit an error, utilize the switch under the wall board to reset the strain plates.

The second prison chest is in the strain plate room. The room with the chest is inverse the entryway that takes you through the prison. Glance through the entry to get the protected entryway code. Utilize the strain plates to match the red and blue varieties on the wall behind the chest to open the entryway.

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