How to Claim Dailies in Tower of Fantasy

Claim dailies in Tower of Fantasy to get your Daily Rewards, you really want to tap the prizes enclose symbol the top right corner of your screen. Go to the sign-in segment to claim your award for that day. Things you arrive include dinners, different materials for weapons, upgrading assets, weapon expand packs, Dark Crystals, Black Nucleus, and SSR Relic Shards.

You don’t have to sign in seven days straight to get these things. You get them from signing in and claiming them anytime. When you claim the seventh award, the line of remunerations will restart. You can claim the following award after 5 AM Eastern Time every day.

The last day to day reward you ought to constantly pay special attention to is the Daily Supply Box. To get this, enter the in-game shop and go to Daily Supply Box. Here, you can get a free stock thing every day. Furthermore, there are additionally Daily Bounties that you can exploit. These mini-missions rush to finish, generally defeating certain adversaries or gathering assets. You can find these in the Recommended part of the Adventures page.

How to claim dailies in Tower of Fantasy

How to Claim Dailies in Tower of Fantasy

There’s nothing players love more than Daily Rewards, Firecore in Tower of Fantasy particularly in an asset intensive game — and Tower of Fantasy gives out a ton of them. Exploit the game’s liberality to get a few amazing things for your weapons, Simulacra, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Begin by heading to the Rewards menu by clicking on the claim dailies on the upper right of the screen. From that point, select Rewards at the bottom of the screen. On the lefthand corner, select Sign-in to visit the seven-day sign-in page.

You can claim one prize each day. Since this is an extremely durable apparatus in the game, the prizes will reset after you’ve claimed them all. In the event that you miss a day, relax — the following day’s prize will in any case be claimable once you log back in. Remember that this sign-in reward doesn’t skip days, so you can’t get the seventh day’s award without claiming the initial six.

Make a beeline for the Shop menu on the upper right corner of the screen. On the left-hand corner, select Daily Supply Box to open the Strategic Logistics menu. Click on the Daily Reward button to obtain an irregular stockpile thing.

How to claim dailies in Tower of Fantasy

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