Chrono Cross: The Best Elements, Ranked

In this guide, we will find out Chrono Cross: The Best Elements, Ranked. With regards to fight frameworks in RPGs, Chrono Cross certainly has a special one even among the rounds of today. Rather than characters learning spells all alone, players should either get them, trap them from other foes, or get them from adversaries after fight to get their hands on Elements. As the game goes on, a few spells might be accessible by catching them from adversaries. Players ought to try to load up on trap Elements when they become accessible.

Chrono Cross: The Best Elements, Ranked

Chrono Cross: The Best Elements, Ranked

However, most loved isn’t equivalent to best… One’s emotional, and changes with every individual’s perspective. Yet, “best” has an obvious norm to it. It needs to best all the other things in its class, or if nothing else be the best choice, by very definition. I concur it’s an extremely challenging inquiry to respond to. Indeed, even Serge isn’t generally the best in all his details contrasted with the wide range of various white innates, however he’s the nearest we get.


Healing spells are very convenient in many RPGs, yet in Chrono Cross, they’re out and out vital. On rehash playthroughs, New Game Plus will help immensely, however on new runs, your party’s details will be not even close to sufficiently high to scratch past many supervisor battles without some delicate love and care.

What makes CureAll so rad is that it reestablishes HP to the whole party, and it does as such for a huge sum at that. Clients of the natural Blue Element influence and a high Magic detail, as Leena, will truly bring you back from the edge.


For plan, she may be somewhat cutesy if not for those colossal hands, tail, and ears. Assuming that they were typical size, it would be unique. She was good in battle, however I never utilized her. There were numerous other characters who were more helpful, so there simply never was space for her in my party might Loaded Blade Warframe. Other than that, I stayed here five minutes and attempted to think about one beneficial comment about her. I actually can’t. She wasn’t fascinating in any way. Simply a person the staff most likely concocted shortly and tossed in there.

Chrono Cross Black Element Tier Lists

There are insufficient rankings to make a local area normal for the Chrono Cross Black Element Tier list Tier List yet. Take a gander at the client records beneath to see their viewpoints on the best Chrono Cross Black Element Tier list. Make your own Chrono Cross Black Element Tier list positioning to add to these Community Rankings.

Chrono Cross: The Best Elements, Ranked

Component Grid

Each person and foe has an Element Grid into which they can designate Elements. This framework fluctuates for each person, however can be a limit of eight spaces in length, implying the eight Element levels. As a person steps up, their Element matrix extends.


Fargo is naturally selected as a component of the primary story. He merits utilizing in fight on account of his high strength and plunder capacity. Who doesn’t very much want to take plunder? His essential tone is Blue, so stacking his component network with water and ice-based elements will help you assuming that you’re confronting adversaries who are of the Red natural assortment.


Glenn is another person that can be barely noticeable on the off chance that you’re inexperienced with the game. At a certain point, Kid becomes ill and you’re given the choice to save her. In the event that you decline, you’ll go down an alternate way with various characters to enroll: including Glenn. He is effectively probably the most grounded character in the game and the most grounded Green inborn person.

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