How to Get the Chewy Puppy Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

There are innumerable mounts and minions for the players to show their extraordinary style in Final Fantasy XIV. The greater part of them are from the game’s universe, here and there representing characters or supervisors experienced through the advancement of the story. Yet, some others allude to our reality, for example, the most recent Chewy Puppy Minion in Final Fantasy XIV, which was introduced with fix 6.1. Whenever it was uncovered in the most recent Live Letter from the Producer, it gained instant energetic responses from the fans.

The Chewy minion in Final Fantasy XIV is a delightful canine that will chase after you during your experience. This unwavering sidekick is one of the numerous minions you can add to your assortment, and finding them can be somewhat muddled. A minion just drops in a particular area, and Chewy is no exemption. In this aide, we cover how you can get the Chewy puppy minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Chewy Puppy Minion in Final Fantasy XIV must be obtained by sending your Retainer on Woodland Explorations, explicitly the XXVIII. On the off chance that you have the Endwalker extension. Installed on your client, you’ll have the option to utilize it. You can send your Retainer out on these tasks and hang tight for them to return. As long as you have that and have arrived at level 90. It requires 18 hours to finish these missions.

Then again, to add Chewy to your assortment, you can likewise utilize your server farm’s market dashboard. Quite possibly somebody in your server farm delivered a Chewy. Yet the cost of this minion will shift depending on your server farm.

The adorable Pup includes a few charming movements and is ideal for canine darlings who play Airship in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a little variety, resembling a pomeranian or chihuahua-there is still some discussion with regards to this issue locally. This is the way to open it.

How to Get the Chewy Puppy Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

To open the Chewy Puppy Minion in Final Fantasy XIV, you need to get fortunate while sending. Your Botanist retainer to a lvl 90 Woodland Exploration, since it’s one of the new rewards. Minions are really intriguing, however, so it could require you investment to get it. Gave you have the appropriate retainer for it.

Be that as it may, if the players would rather not go through weeks trying their karma. It’s likewise tradeable, and that implies it very well may be purchased on the Market Board. It’ll be extravagant from the beginning, however its cost will diminish over the long haul. As more players get it, similar to any remaining tradeable minions in FFXIV. So it very well may merit waiting half a month instead of buying it right from the beginning.

Chewy Puppy Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

You’ll need to check whether your Retainer brought back a Chewy Puppy Minion in Final Fantasy XIV. For you to keep when they return. However, in light of the fact that you can’t necessarily in all cases expect to obtain this pal. You’ll need to rehash the interaction. You can likewise utilize your server farm’s market board to add Chewy to your assortment. There’s an expected that somebody in your administration community has posted. A Chewy, yet the cost will shift depending on the server farm.

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