How to get a Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark in 2022

The Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark is as of now one of the most sought-after cosmetical things, as everybody needs to possess this insidiously exquisite three-headed monster. This is the way to get the Cerberus mount in Lost Ark.

However in the wake of getting your first mount in Lost Ark, you might end up a piece disheartened with how plain it looks. Much more so when various players are going around on a wide range of extraordinary looking mounts that, maybe, minimizes your lovely horse. One of the more exceptional mounts is a Cerberus mount, complete with three heads.

Lost Ark is an activity experience MMO loaded up with content for players to appreciate. There are various regions to investigate, journeys to finish, and obviously, mounts. One mount, specifically, is exceptional and must be acquired in one manner. That is the Cerberus Mount. A few players who see the mount might be thinking about how to get the Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is filled to the edge with a wide assortment of content, and players ought to get ready to investigate eagerly to see all that engineer Smilegate RPG has figured out how to stuff into the game. The universe of Arkesia is monstrous in scale, yet fortunately there are mounts that you can get moderately simple.

One shouldn’t be excessively put out assuming the sticker price is far off – there are as of now well more than 150 mounts in Lost Ark, and a large number of them can be found through game play. So on the off chance that the notable three-headed canine of find screenshots taken in Lost Ark is out of your scope, players ought to have the option to observe numerous things still achievable.

To get Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark the main way is to purchase the $99 Founders Pack, also known as the Platinum Founders Pack. Of the four you can purchase, the most costly pack is the one in particular that accompanies this specific mount.

How to get Cerberus mount in Lost Ark?

Assuming you are playing Lost Ark, at this point you’ve effectively seen different players riding on the Cerberus Mount, and we need to concede, it looks noteworthy. It’s especially upscale to go around Arkesia on the rear of the amazing gatekeeper dog of Hades.

Anyway, how would you be able to get one for yourself? On the off chance that you need a Cerberus mount, tragically. There’s as of now only one method for getting it, and it will set you back.

The Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark is selective to the Platinum Founder’s Pack, which is the most extravagant Founder’s Pack. Obviously, Platinum Founder’s Pack accompanies various different prizes. Including both restorative and ongoing interaction rewards and other one of a kind things. Like Founder’s restrictive skin and Founder’s selective pet, etc.

Assuming you are wanting to concentrate on Lost Ark and make it your “fundamental” game. However, on the off chance that you are simply keen on getting. A Cerberus mount for yourself, persistence may be your partner.

That doesn’t mean engineers will not normally add a method for getting Cerberus by playing the game. However, I will speculate and say it will not occur at any point in the near future. They need to cause platinum pack purchasers to feel that they have their best possible value. All things considered, assuming they’re ready to spend that much forthright. They’re likely long term and will drop considerably more money later on.

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