How to get unbanned from PSN [Easiest Guide]

We ordinarily email you clarifying why you’ve been suspended and how long it will last. We send that to the email address related with your record (your sign-in ID). Make certain to check your junk or spam mail for the email. On the off chance that your record is suspended, you won’t have the option to get to PlayStation Network. That implies you won’t have the option to utilize a few items and administrations, even ones you paid for. What[…]


How to Change PSN Profile Picture

These pictures can be snatched from your Facebook account. With regards to your PS4 online persona, your symbol is one of the primary things that different players see when you are on PlayStation Network. Fortunately, PlayStation permits you to trade out symbols as you wish, so in the event that you buy or acquire new symbols, it is unfathomably clear to change it. You’ll have to guarantee that your profile is connected to your Facebook account prior to following these[…]

how to report someone on psn

How to Report Someone on PSN – Report Inappropriate Behavior on PlayStation

Yes! you can report any inappropriate behavior on PlayStation. If you ever feel any type of offence or misconduct form any live streamer. You must know how to report someone on PSN. Report content or conversations that break the Community Code of Conduct. In the event that the Code of Conduct has not been broken yet you don’t have any desire to communicate with a player, you can obstruct them. The PlayStation Network lets clients mess around together and message[…]


How To Link EA Account to PSN [Easiest Way]

In the event that you’re playing Apex Legends, at that point you’ve most likely already heard about the unique gear that Twitch Prime subs can get in the game. Tragically, many individuals have announced a few issues interfacing their EA account to their PlayStation account. Which shields them from having the option to get the exceptional treats accessible in the Prime pack. In case you’re one of these individuals, or in case you’re simply hoping to associate your accounts, we[…]

how to cancel psn

How To Cancel PSN [Automatic Renewal]

When your PlayStation Plus membership closes, content you recently downloaded at no expense as a feature of the membership. For example, PS Plus month to month games will not, at this point be accessible. However, recovered PlayStation Plus packs and symbols. and also find out how to cancel PSN Plus limited buys are all yours. Installment modification required. If it’s not too much trouble update your installment technique to deal with your request”. Clearly I’ve pursued for two days at[…]