How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag Name on Windows 10

Xbox is not, at this point simply a gaming console. It’s an app and set of administrations incorporated into Windows 10. However, Xbox still uses whatever old gamertag, or epithet, is related with your Microsoft account. You may have set this name on a Xbox 360 every decade prior, or may have been given by Microsoft’s Games to Windows LIVE assistance. In the event that you need to change your gamertag, however don’t have a Xbox–or simply need a simpler[…]


How To Connect Wireless Headphones to Xbox One | Easy Steps to Follow [2021]

The Xbox One will be one console that has been the top decision of numerous gamers since its time of delivery. In any case, for all the fame that this support has, one issue individuals have with it. This has to do with connecting the Xbox One to Bluetooth headphones. It appears to be difficult to numerous Xbox clients. This article shows you that you can connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One, and tells you the best way[…]

How to Change Name Color on Twitch

How to Change Name Color on Twitch – Follow these easy steps

As we all are familiar with that Twitch is the most famous streaming platform by Amazon for gamers, made particularly for gamers, and would you like to change Twitch name tone?. Here you will learn how to change name color on twitch. At the point when you go to Twitch, you need to make your username and a presentation name. In the event that you need to change your username, in light of the fact that you are burnt out[…]