Find Out How To Breed Entbrat In My Singing Monsters

Assuming you seriously love My Singing Monsters, you realize that collecting and breeding different monsters is a major piece of the game. One of the most sought-after monsters is the Entbrat.

A well disposed animal with a profound voice and an adoration for music. This is the way to breed an Entbrat in My Singing Monsters.

How To Breed Entbrat In My Singing Monsters

The Different Types of Entbrad

Before we get into the breeding system, we should investigate the different types of Entbrats in the game. There are four different renditions of the Entbrat: the standard Entbrat, the Interesting Entbrat, the Awe-inspiring Entbrat, and the Ethereal Entbrat.

Each sort of Entbrat has its own one of a kind look and sound. The ordinary Entbrat has an earthy colored body and a green head, while the Interesting Entbrat is yellow with purple spots. The Legendary Entbrat has a blue and orange variety plot, and the Ethereal Entbrat is a shimmering purple tone.

How to Breed Entbrat

To breed an Entbrat, you’ll have to have a breeding design in your game. You can buy a breeding design from the market for 500 coins. When you have a breeding construction, you can choose two monsters to breed together.

To breed an Entbrat, you’ll have to choose a combination of monsters that includes a Mammott and a Quarrister. The Mammott is a wooly beast with a blue body and a white head, while the Quarrister is a stone like beast with a red body and a yellow head.

When you have both of these monsters, you can put them in the breeding construction and trust that the breeding system will finish. The breeding system requires around 12 hours, so you’ll should show restraint.

The Best Places to Breed Entbrat

If you have any desire to increase your possibilities breeding an Entbrat, there are a couple of things you can do. To start with, ensure your breeding construction is put in an undeniable level region. The higher the level of the area, the better your possibilities breeding uncommon monsters.

You can likewise utilize beautifications to increase your possibilities breeding an Entbrat. Enhancements like the Mammott Sculpture and the Quarrister Sculpture can support your possibilities breeding a Mammott or Quarrister, which are both essential for breeding an Entbrat.

Tips for Breeding Entbrat

Breeding an Entbrat can be a piece interesting, however the following are a couple of tips to help you en route:

  • Ensure your monsters are all around took care of before breeding. Very much took care of monsters have a superior possibility producing intriguing offspring.
  • Check the breeding combinations on the My Singing Monsters wiki to see which monsters can be utilized to breed interesting monsters like the Entbrat.
  • Continue on! Breeding intriguing monsters can take a few endeavors, so don’t surrender in the event that you don’t get an Entbrat on your most memorable attempt.

How To Breed Entbrat In My Singing Monsters


Breeding an Entbrat in My Singing Monsters can be a test, yet it’s definitely worth the effort. With its profound, soothing voice and well disposed disposition, the Entbrat is a #1 among players. Follow these tips and you’ll be well headed to breeding your own special Entbrat. Best of luck!

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