Boosting Your Character in WoW TBC

The Burning Crusade has plenty of ways to help you to get the very best out of your character. Asides from focusing on WoW TBC power leveling and looking for outlets to buy TBC gold, you can also get yourself a boosted character. For those who are unsure about what that potentially means, we’re here to show you what boosting is and how you can do it.

What is Boosting?

As players log into their WoW TBC accounts, there will be a class trainer there to greet you. The location depends on who you’re allied with, with Orgrimmar being the location for Horde, Stormwind for Alliance players, or Thunder Bluff for Tauren Druids.

Players will then notice that they have a quest in which they need to speak with their respective trainer. Upon doing so you will receive an Azeroth Survival Kit, which has a mount, weaponry, food, and other neat additions to help you survive. Once you’ve equipped the necessary weapon of choice, you will then have finished the quest in question.

After this, you’ll then have another quest that teaches you about the talent trees, showing you how the feature works and where to place talent points. Following your placement of your first point, you will then finish the quest. This is a good opportunity for you to not just place the point to complete the quest, but to also use your other talent points that you will have.

Boosting Your Character

As exciting as it all may seem at first, the gear that you get isn’t the best. You may even consider going to buy TBC gold as you won’t be given much to play around with. Your mount isn’t the fastest either, and you won’t be powerful enough or through the necessary Burning Crusade power leveling process to deal with the mobs that await you.

That said, it isn’t all doom and gloom. There is plenty of way in which you can make the most out of the situation. The best course of action is to firstly learn more about your reagents. This will help us to start casting spells when playing WoW TBC, so needless to say it’s one of the more important TBC items that you will come across.

Not only that, we also need to get ourselves some WoW TBC gold pretty sharpish. This is because we want to have the fastest mount that we can get, with the higher speed skill to get us around. This means collecting a lot of gold to pay for it. One way would be to dabble with the Auction House a bit. The art of flipping items is a popular one to go with, and you can really play the long game with some early and smart investments. However, this can be very time consuming to get through. With the goal of reaching level 70 as quickly as we can, that isn’t really ideal.

Then again, neither is using a slow mount, as it will make the grind much longer. If you do manage to find the necessary gold from somewhere, whether you buy it yourself or you receive it from a fellow peer, you’ll be good to go.

Another factor that plays into boosting your character is your profession. Boosting won’t affect your profession directly, meaning that we will still have the same professions we had before deciding to boost ourselves. Going through the old world and leveling up your professions is going to do you a lot of favours down the line. Prior to heading to Outland, you’ll need to be at level 300 in the necessary skill. Players will have the option when they do start working on their professions to sell items on for more TBC gold, or use them to get even further in their respective profession.

Preparing Your Character

Boosting at level 58 won’t see you lasting long. The gear and slow mount that you have are going to hold you back more than you may think. Thankfully, there are plenty of quests out there that will help to boost your stats before you start with the whole process. This could be anything from taking in some old world quests, or racking up quest rewards in a group.

Alternatively, you could always go ahead and buy WoW TBC account if you have a desired vision for your character. This would skip over all of the grinding that you have to go through when boosting your character, but if you are willing to part with cash for that then the option is there. Make sure that you’re using trusted websites when looking into something like this.

What are your thoughts on Wow TBC Character boosting? Let us know in the comments section below!

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