Where to find Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone

Look at this aide on the Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare 2021. Get to realize how to open the bunker in B7 Bunker, substance and what’s inside, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!! Raven totally updated Verdansk in Season 3 with a 1980s subject. New POIs showed up, and structures changed, however the bunkers remained precisely where they were, albeit closed. Warzones devs have prodded that these bunkers will open later on, so its value realizing their areas and how to get to them when they do ultimately open.

Searching for the Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone and their areas? While Verdansk has a long history with bunkers, we at this point don’t approach the first Verdansk guide or its plunder filled bunkers, because of the nuke occasion that introduced the Cold War period. However, as the arrival of Call of Duty: Vanguard moves closerand with the appearance of Season 6we have new World War 2-themed bunkers to investigate.

COD Warzone Season 6 is live now and it brings a ton of new substance for the players. It brings a fresh out of the plastic new voyaging metro framework, two new weapons, numerous game modes, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The players have additionally found a mystery killstreak which Warzone Server Queue Issues referenced in the fix notes and it must be gotten to through bunkers.

Warzone bunkers are back for Season 6, with new bunker areas spread out all over the guide, joining concealed new underground mazes from the 1940s, brimming with weapons, plunder and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. However, where to track down these new Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone?

Warzone Season 6 bunkers

Three new World War 2-period bunkers have showed up in Verdansk with the dispatch of Season 6. You needn’t bother with uncommon codes to get to them this time around, and they don’t seem to offer much in the method of remunerations, beside some genuinely normal things and supply boxes.

Here is a rundown of the Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone, or you can really look at the guide beneath:

  • Only northwest of Radar Array
  • North of the Airport Maintenance region
  • North of the storehouses inside the Boneyard

Each bunker seems to have two passages. One of these is via a red steel trailer found at each locationwhich supportively makes them simple to spot. You should track down links to join your climbing gadget inside, permitting you to let yourself down from the surface. The subsequent entry is through one of the crevices that have opened up across Verdansk.

All Warzone bunker codes: Every location and combination

Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone

We may presently don’t approach the Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone from 2020, yet from here is the old data, in the event they return.

The Warzone bunker codes are:

  • Jail – 72948531
  • Farmland – 49285163
  • South Junkyard – 97264138
  • North Junkyard – 87624851
  • Park (nuke) – 60274513
  • Channel – 27495810

As a component of the Call of Duty: Cold War uncover, bunkers were added that necessary codes, rather than a Red Access Card. In case you’re after the first bunkers that don’t need a code, look down to the segment further down this page. In any case, investigate the video above to see these more current bunker areas, or look at the guide beneath. Relax, dissimilar to the arena bunker, these Warzone bunker codes are totally fixed.

Warzone bunkers: The original locations

The following is a rundown of each unique Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone area. In case you’re searching for the fresher bunkers which require Warzone codes to get to, look back up this page to the part above.

You can likewise investigate the guide above on the off chance that you want a visual referencethough do know that a few areas are near one another so the markers on the guide might be somewhat off. In case you’re uncertain, the portrayals underneath should make things more clear.

  • 00: On the coast south of Promenade West, head down the bluff as though you’re leaving limits to track down the way to this devilishly covered up spot.
  • 01: North of the go-kart track and southwest of Boneyard.
  • 02: Drive north along the street from the past bunker.
  • 03: Right close to bunker 02, yet you’ll have to drop through a secret entryway.
  • 04: Southeast of Dam, in the precipices over the enormous Russian sign.
  • 05: On the west side of Crash Site.
  • 06: On the far east side of the guide among Quarry and Lumber, over the train burrow.
  • 07: East of TV station, upper east of Stadium. Search for another hidden entryway.
  • 08: Opposite bunker 07, head down the means inside.
  • 09: Northeast of Prison, cut into the bluff beneath the extension.
  • 10: South of Tavorsk Park on Verdansk’s southern edge.

How to get into a non-keypad Warzone bunker

Assuming you need to get to the plunder inside a non-keypad bunker, you’ll initially have to observe a Red Access Card. These cards are genuinely uncommon and must be found inside amazing cases, and surprisingly then they’re not a surefire drop. Yet, getting an entrance card is just a large portion of the fight, you presently need to come to a Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone in one piece.

Boneyard Bunker Code Season 6 in Warzone

This is actually quite difficult as players will run to these areas in the desire for grabbing the treats for themselves. Furthermore, there is consistently the danger of chancers hoping to take your card before you get the opportunity to utilize it. If you come to the Warzone bunker in one piececongratulations. Have a good time plundering your prizes.

In case you’re hoping to observe the privileged insights held inside Warzone bunker 11, you’ll track down more subtleties on that underneath.

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