Best Micro-SD cards for Nintendo Switch

Pondering getting another Nintendo Switch memory card? You’re presumably not alone. Despite the fact that Nintendo’s helpful comfort has inward capacity, it’s not really a liberal sum. With just 32GB Micro-SD cards accessible, numerous players have immediately discovered that it can top off quick, especially on the off chance that you like to download your games from the nintendo switch SD card slot or save heaps of screen captures and recordings.

Luckily, the Nintendo Switch and its handheld-just partner, Nintendo Switch Lite, both have miniature SD card spaces worked in (you’ll see them on the back base left of the consoles). Essentially flip open the port defender, and you can undoubtedly slide in a Nintendo Switch memory card to extend your capacity alternatives.

While I love my Nintendo Switch, I don’t adore that it just has 32GB Best Gaming Laptops of locally available capacity. You immediately run out of space and don’t have space for extra downloads, screen captures, or game information, particularly in the event that you choose to download the entirety of your games. Accommodation accompanies a capacity limit, yet luckily, you can undoubtedly add more stockpiling through a Micro-SD cards. Here are the best Nintendo Switch microSD cards.

What storage capacity you need?

These options range from eye-watering priced 1TB through moderate 256GB to as cheap as 16GB Micro-SD cards for Nintendo Switches. Now it totally falls to you how much storage space you need.

If you acquire physical releases of AAA games and seldom download eShoptitles then 64GB might be well enough. For those who download eShop games regularly and AAA digital games occasionally,128GB to 256GB would do the trick. But if you are intended to download tons of digital AAA games then 256GB plus should be the consideration.

Other attributes to take under consideration

Storage needs are not the same for everyone, but speed and performance are concerns of every Nintendo Switch. Hence, alongside to make sure that your Micro-SD cards has enough storage space that best suits your gaming needs, you must think of speed and performance too.

And affordability is obvious the main factor that you should keep in mind while choosing the best unit. So there is always a trade-off among these attributes i.e. Price, storage capacity and speed. Make sure you choose the best combination that hits the sweet spot among this Trica.

MicroSDXC vs. MicroSDHC

There are two types of Micro SD cards, Nintendo Switch is compatible with. MicroSDXC and Micro-SD cards. MicroSDHC represents “Secure Digital High Capacity” having a maximum storage capacity of 32GB. MicroSDXC stands for “Secure Digital Extended Capacity” and these cards can store up to 1 TB data. We are going to discuss here Micro-SD cards.

Best Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch

There are plenty of companies with all their product lines but below we’ve rounded up only top-rated Micro-SD cards card deals. These are also showing the three main attributes: price, storage capacity, and speed; which should be taken under consideration when it comes to choosing the right option. You will see SanDisk dominating here but Samsung is also in the list. You can get one of them right now that best fits to your needs.

SanDisk Ultra 200GBMicroSDXC
Micro-SD cards

200GB | 100MB/s

SanDisk Ultra 256GB MicroSDXC

256GB | 100MB/s

SanDisk Ultra 400GB MicroSDXC
Micro-SD cards
400GB | 100MB/s

Samsung EVO Select 256GB MicroSDXC
Micro-SD cards
256GB | 100MB/s

If speed is your priority and your pocket allows, then “SanDisk Extreme” product line up is also available. it’s comparatively high priced.


SanDisk Extreme 128GB MicroSDXC

128GB | Up to 160MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds

SanDisk Extreme 256GB MicroSDXC
Micro-SD cards
256GB | Up to 160MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds

SanDisk Extreme 400GB MicroSDXC

400GB | Up to 160MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds

SanDisk Extreme 512GB MicroSDXC
Micro-SD cards
512GB | Up to 160MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds

SanDisk Extreme 1TB Micro-SD Cards

1TB | Up to 160MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds


Do I need a micro SD card for Nintendo Switch?

In the event that you’re anticipating playing in excess of a modest bunch of independent titles, indeed, a Nintendo Switch memory card is a smart thought. Breath of the Wild alone will occupy 13.4 GB of room, which is around 40% of the control center’s ready stockpiling. What’s more, that is the situation for both the Switch and the Switch Lite.

It tends to be reasonable to purchase the bigger AAA games on physical cartridges, to stay away from any semblance of Mario and Zelda occupying all the room. However, for sheer accommodation, nothing beats having every one of your titles packed into one helpful Nintendo Switch memory card. Some physical titles additionally require an obligatory online download to work, which can occupy valuable room.

Which micro SD cards work on Nintendo Switch?

Actually, any Switch miniature SD card (underneath 4GB), miniature SDHC (4-32GB), or miniature SDXC (eXtended Capacity, above 32GB) will be viable, however you’ll presumably need basically 32GB to make it worth the buy. Nintendo likewise suggests a fast memory card for ideal execution, so pay special mind to a card with UHS-I support, and a base ‘read speed’ of 60-95mb/s (every one of the cards recorded meet these necessities).

In case you’re utilizing a miniature SDXC memory card (above 32GB), Nintendo says “you should initially associate the control center to the web and play out a framework update” prior to downloading games onto the Nintendo Switch memory card.

Are save files kept on the Nintendo Switch memory card too?

No, it’s simply your games, pictures and recordings that can be saved onto an outside Nintendo Switch memory card. Save documents are completely kept on inner capacity – somewhat to forestall robbery – however fortunately they don’t occupy an excess of space without anyone else.

In the event that you have a membership to Nintendo Switch Online, you can likewise back up your save records to the cloud, however not all games are viable with this element. On the off chance that you figure out how to break your control center, you can reestablish your advancement securely. You’re ready to re-download any bought game programming for nothing as well.


Now you have a pretty clear idea of what best suits your requirement but if you look again at all of the deals that are described above.

To me two of them are very fascinating, and I think the crux of what we have explored so far. First one is SanDisk Ultra 200GB MicroSDXC. Best-Of-The-Best winning combination of price, storage capacity and speed. Download most of your favorite games with the fast loading speed and a very economical price.

Second one is SanDisk Ultra 400GB MicroSDXC. Top-Class Micro-SD cards perfect to download AAA digital games. It’s not cheap but very reasonable price as compared to other high storage units. It’s huge storage capacity allows you to keep your precious games with you.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t go for other deals but for most of you, 1 of these 2 deals might give most bang for our buck.

The availability, prices and other details of these products which are described in this article might be subject to change any time, so prior to make a purchase, please be sure these are still in effect.

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