Best Method to Find the Elven Cap in God of War Ragnarok – Complete Guide

Elven Cap in God of War Ragnarok has various locations to visit as you gather things and assets. However, the genuine undertaking is the missions and difficulties that are spread across the nine realms. While completing blessings, you should venture to every part of the realms looking for ingredients and one such is the Elven Cap. Since it is tough to find, players often can’t help thinking about how to find the Elven Cap in God of War Ragnarok. Since you are here, you are additionally impeded on account of the location of this ingredient. In the event that you have looked everywhere yet can’t find it, we suggest you look at this aide for the location.

Being an open-world activity experience game, God of War Ragnarok offers players a lot of side journeys called Favors to seek after. Some are not difficult to find as they are given to players by the different characters they run over. Other Blessings are more troublesome as they just beginning once a thing has been found by players.

An illustration of this is Across the Realms. This Favor is situated in Midgard yet is off the most common way to go and exceptionally barely noticeable. The goal for this Favor is to find a progression of ingredients to make a dinner. The ingredients can be challenging to find, particularly the Elven Cap. This guide will show players where to go to find the Elven Cap.

How to Find the Elven Cap in God of War Ragnarok

Elven Cap Location in God of War Ragnarok

The Alfheim domain is most likely the one that players will have the investigate a great deal other than Vanaheim. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 While completing the Blessing Across the Realms, one of the targets will be to find this ingredient among others and afterward return to the Pool of Nine. While the Elven Cap exists in plain sight, its location of it is to such an extent that missing it is simple. Simply sit back and relax on the off chance that you can’t find it as we have it underneath.

The Elven Cap in God of War Ragnarok is situated in the western locale of the Tunnels in The Forbidden Sands. While you are there, search for a construction that has a support point leaning on it. At the point when you interact with the point of support, you will actually want to go under it. Presently you will actually want to see an orangish-yellow gleam to address the Elven Cap. All you need to do presently is go close and interact with it to pick it.

Where Are the Other Ingredients?

The remaining three ingredients are Nordic Gourd, Prongfruit, and Minor Melon. The Nordic Gourd can be tracked down adjacent the Timeless Open air fire. The Prongfruit can be found close to the Forge in Svartalfheim which is where players get the Draupnir Lance, and the Diminutive Melon can be tracked down in the Sinkholes in Vanaheim.

While a large portion of the ingredients can be found without completing some other Blessings, the Diminutive Melon must be reached whenever players have finished Fragrance of Endurance and Return of the Stream. This additionally expects players to have finished Animals of Prescience.

What is the Reward for Completing Across the Realms?

God of War Ragnarok players that gather every one of the ingredients should get back to the Timeless Pit fire and interact with the pot close to the pit fire. Mimir will finish telling his story as Kratos makes the dinner.

How to Utilize Feast of Comfort

Dinner of Comfort increases all details by five. So players will definitely want to find out whether they need to do anything to initiate this thing. Fortunately this thing initiates the second God of War Ragnarok players obtain it, so they won’t have to do anything extra to get that accommodating lift.

How to Find the Elven Cap in God of War Ragnarok

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