Best Heroes For Valorant Players To Use in Overwatch 2 – Full List

There are a couple of Overwatch 2 Heroes best for Valorant players and they ought to find them simple to use. A large number of the Valorant Specialists take close inspiration from the original Overwatch. Be it in their appearances or their capacities. So in this guide let us really look at the Best Heroes For Valorant Players To Use in Overwatch 2 assuming you play Valorant.

Valorant’s speedy ongoing interaction is like Overwatch 2, where long range shooting converges with otherworldly capacities. Reyna and Sage are two Specialists in Valorant that have capacities that are like those of Overwatch 2’s Help heroes.

Recorded underneath are five of the Best Heroes For Valorant Players To Use in Overwatch 2 can give a shot while playing Snowstorm Entertainment’s famous FPS for the initial time. Playing the Help job in Overwatch 2 is difficult. A decent Help player never sits inactive and is continually moving, helping dwarfed partners or a whole group in rock solid conflicts.

These are the 3 best heroes in Overwatch 2 that Valorant players can undoubtedly use. A couple of Overwatch 2 heroes are perfect for Valorant players and ought to be not difficult to use. Large numbers of Valorant’s representatives are firmly inspired by the original Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2. Be it in their appearance or in their capacities. So in this guide we should look at the 3 best heroes you can use in Overwatch 2 assuming you play Valorant.

3 Best Overwatch 2 Heroes that Valorant Players ought to Use

These are the heroes whose capacities are basically the same as their Valorant partners.

  • Collector for Sign Players
  • Junkrat for Bulldoze Players
  • Hanzo for Sova Players

The following are the capacities, that are precisely, or almost them same for both the heroes. So these characters ought to be pretty much simple to use in the following game regardless of which you played first.


Shadow Step: Sign’s Covered Step takes a considerable amount of inspiration from this capacity. Be it in the name or how it functions. Collector can use Shadow Move toward mark a destination and magically transport himself there.


  • Blackout Mine: This works equivalent to what Destroy players are used to with the Impact Pack. Junkrat can put his blackout mines and use them to harm foes and push them away or send them flying upwards. Or on the other hand you can use Blackout Mine to drive or send off yourself in the air.
  • Tear Tire: Junkrat’s Definitive likewise has numerous similitudes with Showstopper. However, instead of launching a rocket, Junkrat uses a motorized tire bomb. This tire could in fact move over walls and deterrents. Junkrat additionally will choose whether to physically detonate it from a distance or allow it to detonate all alone.

Hanzo – Best Overwatch 2 Hero for Valorant Players

  • Sonic Bolt: Sova’s Recon Bolt is basically the same as the Sonic Bolt of Hanzo. The main significant contrast Hanzo’s capacity doesn’t make the bolt skip. Other than that both of the capacities uncover any players that come in its discovery range.
  • Dragonstrike: Sova’s Tracker’s Rage additionally has numerous likenesses to Dragonstrike. It is a one-time move not at all like the three shots of Tracker’s Rage. In any case, while it might just be a single shot it causes a ton of harm to targets come in its way. And keeping in mind that the two capacities have the ability to go through walls, Dragonstrike has infinite travel distance.

Best Heroes For Valorant Players To Use in Overwatch 2

That covers this aide on the best Overwatch 2 heroes for Valorant players to use. In the event that you are a Valorant player trying to play this game, you ought to likewise import your aversion to OW2. What’s more, if you need to figure out how to play certain characters then look at our aides on the best way to play Roadhog, Pharah, and Fighter 76.

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