Best Gaming Hard Drive | Top 5 Picks Of 2020

Now a day’s hard drives do not pack the same influence like before, but there is still craze in folks about them due to capacity and cheap prices. The fact is that even now SSDs hard drives offer more speed than their newer counterparts. So after spending some time in research, we have found the best gaming hard drives for you.

RPM :7200
Warranty: 3 Years
2. WD Black 2TB Performance Desktop HDDCapacity: 6TB
Warranty: 5 years
3. Seagate FireCuda 2TBCapacity: 2TB
6Gb/s Flash
Warranty: 5 years
4. WD Blue HDD 1TBCapacity: 1TB
64MB Cache
1YR Storite Warranty
5. Toshiba X300 12TBToshiba X300 12TBCapacity: 12TB
RPM 7200
256 MB Cache

How to Select Best Hard Drive for Gaming?

Before purchasing any hard drive, you should keep few things in your mind. First, check your budget as to how much you can spend on it. Afterwards, you need to look on few below mentioned specifications of hard Drives.

Speed: Speed is the most important factor for choosing a hard drive; Speed should be the first priority while buying any hard drive. Always choose maximum sequential read/write speeds so you don’t get irritated while transferring data.

Capacity: capacity is the second most important thing while buying any hard drive. Always purchase a hard drive which has has more capacity than you desire. If your needs revolve around a 1TB Hard Drive then you should go for 2TB so that it could be beneficial in the longer run.

Cache: Cache is not an issue if you go for under 64mb cache. It won’t be an issue because its will be 10% slower than a 64Mb cache hard drive.

Connectivity: Internal Hard Drives usually are usually called SATA. Always choose latest SATA which is SATA3.
External hard drives are also known as USBs so if you are looking for speediest of USBs then choose USB 3.0.




Seagate Barracuda 3TB is a great choice for gamers. Its of guardian series and is best known for its speed which is 7200RPM. This product has almost 4.1 rating on amazon as per 89 users who rated this product. This drive is pretty much affordable and we will recommend this hard drive to gamers.


  • Affordable
  • Speed and Capacity
  • Offers Fast Performance
  • Easy to Install

Cons: Quality Control Issue (DOA Drives)

WD Black Hard Drive

If you are looking for a high quality performance hard drive which will work for long way then the WD Black should be top on the list. It has a 5-year warranty with tremendous speed of cache (64MB) and rotational speed of 7200rpm.
WD is Great choice for gamers and has been rated one of best hard drives for its performance and reliability.


>5 Year Warranty

> Affordable

>Low Noise

> Reliability of performance


> It gets hot


Seagate is the kind of name on which you can rely without any hesitation. if you are into hard drives which provide good performance on low cost then Seagate Firecuda is one of them. This hard drive has all specifications which we mentioned on above hard drives but the major lack of this hard drive its not for simultaneous working on multiple apps


  • 5-year Warranty
  • Nand Flash
  • Affordable


  • When Working on multiple apps simultaneously, its performance decay

WD Blue Hard Drive


When you desperately need a good hard drive but your budget is low then its the best available choice. Its a low-cost hard drive and works awesome with rotational 7200RPM Speeds along with Sata3 Connectivity. You can enjoy best data transfer speed which is around 150MB/s. But you won’t enjoy a high quality performance.


  • Very Affordable
  • Low Budget


  • Lack of read/write speed

TOSHIBA X300 Hard Drive

This hard drive is best known for its extremely high-quality performance and you can also enjoy its good capacity at the same time. Its available in different variety of capacities (4TB-10TB). Toshiba x300 provides all specifications SATA3 Connectivity 7200RPM speed. It has very high class read/write speeds which is around 200MB/s. This hard drive can easily fulfil all your requirements. Its the most suitable hard drive for gamers.


  • Good Performance
  • Good Capacity
  • Awesome Read/Write Speeds


  • 2-year Warranty

Hitachi Ultrastar A7K4000 4TB HDD

In case you’re purchasing a hard drive to use close by a SDD, the Hitachi Ultrastar A7K4000 is an extraordinary spot to begin and will fill in as a decent hard drive for your gaming PC. As far as buyer hard drives, this is effectively the best you will get- – 4TB of capacity for under $100? That is a blessing from heaven!

Be that as it may, there is a trick – you should organize this hard drive as GPT to utilize all 4TB. With standard MFT organizing, just 2TB of capacity will be accessible. Snap here to see an instructional exercise on the most proficient method to get that set up. Whenever you’ve done this, you’ll will utilize this drive to its fullest potential.

We’ve chosen this drive rather than different alternatives for a couple of reasons. Estimating is one of them, however quality and dependability is another. Hitachi is generally viewed as one of the most dependable drive makers out there, much more so than Seagate and Western Digital. We’re slanted to concur, so we chose to pick the Hitachi drive here, so you’re less inclined to manage drive disappointment.

Fantom Drives 2TB External Hard Drive

Last yet not least… we have the best outer hard drive for gaming!

Outside hard drives are helpful for support and laptop gamers who would prefer not to open up their machines for hard drive substitution. Outer HDDs are likewise extraordinary for gamers who utilize different machines a day under any conditions, from media utilization to gaming, to profitability. On the off chance that you need a superior outer hard drive, at that point Fantom Drives’ line is effectively your smartest choice.

In case you’re stressed over lost speed, don’t be- – the data transfer capacity of a USB 3.0 association far surpasses the speed of even a 7200 RPM desktop hard drive. As per our own tests and outside audits, the exhibition of this drive is in accordance with standard desktop hard drives, which implies there is basically no disadvantage to running it. It is pretty massive, however, and requires its own capacity to run.

If its all the same to you something increasingly slow to keep it little, likewise think about the WD Elements Drive, which adds 1TB for about a similar cost.

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