Where to Find the Bendy Straw Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

The as of late refreshed Roblox experience, Find the Bendy Straw marker, offers players a valuable chance to find markers spread across wild guides. A few markers, for example, the Bendy Straw Marker, can be hard to find without the assistance of a speedy aide.

The Bendy Straw Marker is moderately simple to obtain once players know where to look, particularly contrasted with the more troublesome assignments like mushroom marker find the markers. It involves a little parkouring and an act of pure trust.

Bendy Straw

Where to Find the Bendy Straw Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

From generate, players can find Bendy Straw straightforwardly behind the wooden house on the left side. Walk straightforwardly behind the house, through the woodland, until you arrive at a lake. Assuming you stand in Roblox Asset Downloader the lake and attempt to focus on where the water is falling, you should see a little secret room in the side of the bluff.

This is the critical step: players will need to remain on the edge, bounce up, and marginally create some distance from the land, so they begin falling. When you pass the edge you were standing on, begin holding forward to attempt to land in the secret room.

It could take a couple of attempts, yet that is okay: players will just find Bendy Straw respawn toward the beginning and go for the short stroll through the woodland back to the lake. Before adequately long, you’ll be the proprietor of another troublesome, how to find licorice marker that relatively few individuals have found.

Bendy Straw


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