How to Beat Giganto Sonic Frontiers

Beat Giganto Sonic Frontiers taking it on is a tall task. Transform into Super Sonic and take out the colossal machine.

Sonic Frontiers features enormous bass battles, and Giganto lives up to his name for its showdown with the speedy hedgehog. Fighting is at the very front in the latest version of the adored stage series. Sonic Frontiers is loaded with novel enemies, and challenging bosses called Titans toward the finish of each guide.

The first region Sonic speeds into is Kronos Island, a lush area brimming with ruins and robot foes. The maps in the game are enormous and loaded with goliath robots designed for destroying the red-shoed speedster. The largest of the enemies is Giganto, the first boss in the game and the enormous terrible toward the finish of Kronos Island.

How to beat Giganto Sonic Frontiers

Climbing Onto Giganto’s Head in Sonic Frontiers

In request to kick the fight off, Sonic will first need to scale the assemblage of Giganto. Zoom toward one of the Titan’s legs when it is on the ground. Then, run up Giganto’s body, hitting all the boost rings that line its body. On the off chance that Sonic hits the rings just right, it will send off him into the air over the Titan’s head, allowing him to focus on the spikes on its back. Players should smash into these targetable spikes in request to arrive on its back. Then, search for the Chaos Emerald on its head, the press interact with it. A custcene will play and Sonic will turn out to be Super Sonic without precedent for Sonic Frontiers.

Phase One of Giganto

Try to lock onto Giganto and over and over assault. The objective of this piece of the fight is to cause as much harm as possible as fast as Sonic can. Most of this Titan’s attacks in this phase can be avoided with repel or Sonic’s Wild Rush skill. While Sonic cannot take harm during this fight, an assault from the Titan that lands can take him out of the fight, and that means Sonic should start from the very beginning again.

Sonic slowly loses rings while in Super Sonic mode in Sonic Frontiers, so he will ultimately “pass on” in the event that the fight takes too lengthy. Make a point to cause all the harm expected to kill the Titan before the clock runs out.

Phase Two of Giganto

When Giganto is at half wellbeing, a cutscene will play to move onto the second section of this fight The greater part of the harm to a limited extent two of this fight is going to occur during speedy time events. Players should mash different buttons as the prompts show up on the screen. Snap or press the indicated button as fast as possible, sealing the destiny of Giganto.

How to beat Giganto Sonic Frontiers

Is Giganto the final boss in Sonic Frontiers?

Giganto is the final boss of Kronos Island, you will meet him once you gather 6 Chaos Emeralds, and finish the “Grave Mystery” mini-game, the one where you associate the gravestones.

Can you leave the Giganto fight?

Before you cavort through the game’s main plot and wind up in an unwinnable situation – you can’t easily pull out of the Giganto boss fight once you’re in it – ensure you require investment to smell the roses. Investigate each edge of the Kronos Island map.

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