Asus Rog Phone 2 Review – Best Phone for gaming In 2021

Today we are going to talk about ASUS rog 2 which is the best gaming phone in the market right now. Asus rog 2 has an excellent battery life with a smooth display and a great camera. We don’t think is any other batter phone available in the earth right now.

Design and Display

Rog phone 2 has a big screen 6.59 inch with HDR AMOLED panel which has developed for better gaming experience and 120Hz refresh rate. Thanks to 2,340 x 1,080 resolution which made user experience greater and display protected with Gorilla Glass 6. You are not going to get any water resistance protection. It’s 19.5:9 aspect ratio makes it huger.

Let’s talk about design the design for rog phone 2 is specially built for pro gamers that’s why it’s called the best gaming phone. Rog phone 2 has built with a glass back with the center of RGB logo Dual-Camera Array with top left with weight of hefty 240g bit heavy comparable to iPhone 11 pro max and galaxy note 10 plus. The volume and power buttons on the right edge. Rog phone 2 has 2 USB-C port one at the bottom and other one at the side and the headphone jack is the right side with volume buttons. Rog phone 2 has a metal frame with black color.


Rog phone 2 has 48MP main and 13MP rear lenses and a 24MP selfie camera which we can say average on a mid-range phone. The Asus rog phone 2 will shoot you a decent photo despite of average camera even work in night mode. The Asus rog 2 front camera doesn’t work that much as compared to the rear in night mode. The video quality you can get in camera would be 4k at 60fps. Video quality is much good while using from main camera on dark mode or lighting conditions.

Battery life

Asus rog phone 2 6000mAh of battery inside, which is a massive battery, and most of the gamer wants that kind of huge batter inside of their gaming phone. PowerMaster feature which controls over apps giving your ability to set up the battery modes according to your battery needs you can long with your battery saver mood and rely on its battery as much as you can.


As we all know ASUS rog phone 2 is specially made for gamers its design screen battery life its performance and other specs everything is built for enhancing for batter gaming experience no other phone in the planet bring all these things together. Armory Crate is deployed in terms of software, you can use other apps while playing the game without interruption. Its comes with a clip-on fan in a box.

 Performance and Specs

You will get Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset with 12GB of RAM. Rog phone 2 has better performance than iPhone 11 max pro that’s why its performance champ the speed of the phone is amazing with 512GB of storage but you won’t get micro SD card option but its internal storage is more than enough for anyone.

  • Excellent battery life 6000mAh
  • Good Gaming phone
  • Big display
  • Great Performance
  • Big phone bit heavy
  • Average Camera

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