Are Online Casinos Prepared for the VR Revolution?

We have all witnessed the advent of virtual reality (VR) technologies for quite a while now, but is the world ready for it? One of the markets with the highest VR implementation potential is the world of online gaming, especially online casinos. It is believed that VR technologies will be the next step in providing an authentic and realistic gambling experience, fascinatingly similar to the one you get at a brick-and-mortar casino. Still, the question remains if the casino industry is ready for a revolution fuelled by VR?

High Prices of VR Sets Limit the Industry

Traditional RNG casino games are still all the rage in the casino community. Customers can play a huge selection of casino games at Amazon Slots and similar online gaming establishments. Many of the titles available will have a “3D” next to their name, but they will still be far from a true VR experience

A switch in the way we approach games must happen to implement VR technologies as a standard part of the online gaming experience. Currently, most players enjoy cheap and instant casino sites, with libraries containing thousands of games. The industry has spoiled its users, making the practical addition of VR much more complicated. 

To play a VR game, a user has to purchase a VR set. The starting price of a Meta Quest 2 is £300. And that is just for a basic model. Unless VR sets become much cheaper, an average casino user will find little to no reason to switch to virtual reality gaming. Many customers will also have to purchase new mobile and desktop devices to support the more demanding technologies VR games are based on. For the industry to be ready for the revolution, players must be willing to partake in it. And that comes with a price tag not everyone can yet afford. 

No Game, No Gain

We will repeat it again, instant online casinos offer thousands and thousands of titles, and new ones just keep coming. In comparison, VR casino games are still making their first baby steps. Every once in a while, a gaming company would announce a new and sensational VR game, only for it to become easily forgotten. For this aspect of the market to become more visible and more attractive for the end-user, companies have to create stunning portfolios with all the popular games covered. You know what they say in the casino industry: no game, no gain. 

Additionally, online casino operators will have to find a way to implement new technological requirements to support VR games. Current while-label and turnkey platforms will require significant investments. In the end, all the elements have to be in sync and provide fast, simple, cost-effective gaming for players with a wide range of preferences. 

Currently, the online casino industry is far from ready to go. It is still struggling with comprehending the VR potential. Whether that will change in the upcoming years is impossible to say.

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