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As FIFA is known as the World’s game and its accessible to download FIFA 23 game without any hustle. FIFA 23 is the latest version with high quality of graphics. There are historic and astonishing no. of players who played FIFA 23 in launch of it’s first week.

While considering the huge number of online FIFA 23 players another well known tech giant Amazon has launched the service of giving rewards to FIFA 23 players. If you are playing FIFA 23 or your friends used to play FIFA game regularly (or might be casually) you must recommend them to get these rewards.

Anyone who tends to play FIFA 23 can access these rewards just by connecting their EA account with Amazon Prime account.

link amazon prime and EA account

How To Link Amazon Prime with EA Account

Before linking your EA and Prime account you should know that you can only connect one account at a time. To start linking or pairing your EA account with Prime account, Here are the following steps;

  1.  Sign-in to your Amazon Prime account.
  2. Go to the Amazon Prime Account Homepage.
  3. Now go to the Electronics Art.
  4. You will be directed to a new web page.
  5. Now hit the button “Allow” to give access.
  6. You have successfully linked your EA and Prime accounts.

After your both accounts are linked you can claim your awards easily. To view your recent or past pending claims, you can find them on Amazon Prime homepage. Click the reward and the hit button “claim” to instantly transfer your rewards in EA account.

Incase you have a problem while linking your Amazon Prime and EA account, You can anyway directly open this link to give Amazon Prime account access for EA account. Before proceeding to this step (discussed above) it’s must that you have logged in to same Amazon prime account that you wanted to link with EA account.


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