All you need to know about curacao casinos

Curacao is a state located on a small island in the Caribbean Sea with curacao casinos. The country is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is located 64 km off the coast of Venezuela. Curacao is very popular with tourists as it is a summery, live, and legal gambling year-round destination. In addition, the government of this country manages online gambling and issues licences.

What is a gaming licence?

A gaming licence is a legal document that entitles its holder to engage in some or all forms of online gambling in a specific territory or within a country. Any gaming licence is issued only by a licensed firm, a governmental body or a special commission for gambling activities. Today, Curacao is considered to be one of the main regulators as well as issuers of online gambling licenses.

Types of gambling licenses in Curacao

The great news is that Curacao does not have any categories of licenses – the regulator gives one license to everyone.

If you are considered to be a gambling business owner, you can operate in any online gambling, betting firm and other venues. If you are a B2B company, then with a Curaçao license you have the legal right to advertise and market your own products. In fact, there are two types of licence on the island: a basic licence and a sub-licence.

Basic license

The basic licence enables the holder to establish and operate a gambling business on the Internet, not only on the territory of Curacao. The holder of such a licence can sell the sub-licence to third party operators.


This is a permit that provides the licensee with the ability to operate an online gambling business in this jurisdiction. Holders of the first licence have every right to grant sub-licences, while the holders of the second licence do not. This is the only difference between the two types of permits. The sub-licence applies to B2B software providers and representatives, including online gambling houses and slot machines. Both independent gambling platforms and affiliated firms can operate under it. A sub-licence cannot last longer than the duration of the main licence.

What you need to do to become a gambling operator

Open your own firm in the territory of Curacao with a local administrator.Provide typical data and documents about the beneficiaries and the business. Purchase special equipment within Curacao. Register your own website for gambling operations. Create a software agreement to operate an electronic gambling business in Curacao. Be sure to be tested with a random number generator and have this type of certificate.

Main advantages

The special conditions and merits of a Curacao gaming licence are generally as follows:

  1. If an operator has a Curaçao sub-licence it is allowed to handle all types of gambling (lottery, poker, sports betting, online casino, etc.).
  2. Curacao has the lowest cost for a gaming license when compared to the cost of obtaining a license from similar institutions.
  3. Fast registration process, which takes no more than two months.
  4. Curaçao has the lowest tax rate at just 2%, valid until 2025 regardless of the country of receipt.
  5. Players from many countries actively cooperate with organisations that have a Curacao licence.
  6. It is possible to purchase a gambling license remotely, which is very convenient.
  7. License holders get reliable technical support, as well as financial assistance from Curacao.
  8. It is the most accessible in the world of gambling.
  9. The possibility of using cryptocurrencies has become a trend.
  10. This license is recognised and valid in many countries

Curacao gaming license and why it is trusted in the global gambling community

In Curacao, gambling has been legal and permitted since 1993. The government has issued an ordinance on offshore gambling. In 1996 Curacao began issuing licences for gambling. With time, Curacao E-Gaming became one of the best known and most trusted licensors as well as in the international community. Subsequently, Curacao began to authorise online gambling and to license e-gaming. Thus, over the years, Curacao has gained recognition and trust among the players of the gambling platforms as well as the companies that use the gaming license of Curacao. As such, a Curaçao license has become the best solution in the gambling business. There it is possible, once approved by the authorities, to become a licence holder quickly and without delay.

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