All Worlds in Kingdom Hearts IV

We will talk about All Worlds in Kingdom Hearts IV in this guide. Kingdom Hearts IV is an upcoming activity pretending computer game created and will distribute Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It is the fourth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, spin-off of Kingdom Hearts III. Set after the occasions of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, returning hero Kairi heads out new worlds to find Sora and Stop Xigbar, It will be Release in June 12, 2023.

All Worlds in Kingdom Hearts IV

All Worlds in Kingdom Hearts IV

One reason the Kingdom Hearts series is so adored by its fans is the hybrids it highlights in it among Disney and Final Fantasy characters and worlds. Despite which side you would like to see a greater amount of, we can all concur that seeing them show up in the game at all is cause for festivity. So just like with any game in the series, Kingdom Hearts IV highlights different worlds you will go to. Here are all the worlds that show up in Kingdom Hearts IV.

Just a single world has affirm at this point, with a couple hinted at. We will refresh this article when we know all the more later.


Quadratum is the world that Sora awakens in with another look and is actually in a different universe from what he is utilize to. Indeed, even with a lot of life moving in the city, the region is portray as an “afterworld” for Sora subsequent to sacrificing himself to bring back Kairi with the Power of Waking in Kingdom Hearts III.


Maybe probably the greatest exclusion from Kingdom Hearts 3, Zootopia appears to be tailor-made for inclusion. Populated by warm blooded animals, this city is tremendous, diverse, and clear cut. Albeit naturally fantastical, Zootopia is additionally ground in authenticity through its investigation of discrimination.

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The main thing working against Zootopia’s focal area is that the city may be too expansive to even consider including as a single world in Kingdom Hearts 4. Therefore, the game could have to strip back large numbers of the area’s profundity and uniqueness, resulting in a to some degree void center point like Big Hero 6’s San Fransokyo in KH3.

The Axiom

With Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix finally acquired source material from Pixar films. WALL-E is one such film, and having the Keyblade wielder run into the Axiom out in space seems OK.


Another film area that could show up in the game is the Underworld from the film Hercules.

All Worlds in Kingdom Hearts IV

Despite the fact that there’s no apparent worlds in the trailer separate from Quadratum and conceivably Endor, there is an idea that Hades is involve. This comes from the trailer ending with Donald and Goofy wandering through a pit of dark in quest for somebody.

Predicting Kingdom Hearts IV’s

Albeit the principal trailer is brief, it offers us a few hints. Sora is putt in a practical looking city that is additionally some kind of the great beyond, basically for him. Besides, Goofy and Donald look ready to join Sora on his undertakings again.

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