All Secret Treasures in Tunic

This article is about All Secret Treasures in Tunic. There are a sum of 12 Secret Treasures to find in Tunic, yet some of them require intricate riddles to be settled before they can be gathered. A large number of the Secret Treasures are linked to pages in the instruction manual, some of which can’t be gathered until the vast majority of the game is finished. Nonetheless, there are likewise a couple of Secret Treasures that can be obtained from the start of the game as long as players know where to go and how to get the chest to produce.

 All Secret Treasures in Tunic

All Secret Treasures in Tunic

Tunic’s late-and post-game substance is solely restrict in many obscure riddles which will take you across the island all over again looking for pixies, manual pages, and the sky is the limit from there. One of the most profound and most tangle secrets of the game revolves around the Secret Treasures, twelve baffling brilliant things that are lock away behind enigmas and riddles. Every one will allow the player an accomplishment, so read on to find out how to get them.

Secret Treasure 1 (Mr Mayor)

The primary Secret Treasure can found when you get the Hero’s Grave Key toward the beginning of the game, however on the off chance that you’re on your first playthrough you probably will not understand there’s a chest stowed away. In the room where you find manual page 10/11, just after the locked entryway, investigate the wall. On the off chance that you’ve taken in a piece about the Holy Cross, you ought to perceive the example there. Tap out the example on either side using your D-cushion or bolt keys, and a secret entryway will swing open. Inside, a chest holds your award.

Where do the Secret Treasures go?

There’s a hint on Page 22 that shows a chart of an entryway as well as the stowed away hallway from the rear of the Old House. This shows you that in the very room that you recovered the Shield from you can travel South-East through a secret passage and go into a room with 12 platforms. Each is the resting place for an alternate Secret Treasure.

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How might I get more hints about the Secret Treasures?

Headings to obtain all of the Secret Treasures are conceal on the various pages of the Tunic in-game Manual, they are normally indicate to using blue pen on top of the standard plans. Obtaining Page 45 will likewise give you more clear bearings giving you a delineation of the room and which page relates to which of the Secret Treasures.

Instructions to Unlock Glyph Tower

Recall where you procured your safeguard back at the Old House? Return there and find the secret passage toward the southeast. Emerging on the opposite side, you’ll find a room with 12 platforms – one for every one of your well deserved secret treasures.

Bring your secret treasures here individually (or all without a moment’s delay, for all it is important) until you’ve done as such with six of the 12. Now, an entryway shows up in the assortment room. All you must do to arrive at Tunic’s Glyph Tower currently is to fearlessly venture inside the entryway. Best of luck, saucy legend!

 All Secret Treasures in Tunic

What are the Secret Treasures in Tunic?

Finally, Tunic contains 12 secret treasures, every one of which, as the name says, is a stage over the rest. You will not have the option to find them as effectively as you did your blade or wand. On Page 22, there’s a tip that shows an entryway graph as well as the secret hallway from the rear of the Old House. This indicates that you can go into a room with 12 platforms by heading south-east through a secret passage in a similar room where you got the Shield. A distinct Secret Treasure is conceal in every one.

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