All Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark

The Morai Ruins is a prison in Lost Ark that players will visit as they work through the game’s primary story mission. This prison is loaded up with perilous foes to kill, and fans will experience various Mokoko Seeds as they battle their approach to its end. Altogether, there are 11 Morai Ruins Mokoko seed locations prison, and this guide has full subtleties on precisely where to track down them.

What’s interesting with regards to the game, however, is the attention placed on PvE and investigation, as well as its hack-and-cut mechanics. The Mokoko seeds are one of numerous instances of components to empower investigation.

They are dissipated wherever on the game, and gather explicit numbers offer different Korumba’s Cat Hidden Story in Lost Ark. All things considered, remember to watch out for them, in any event, while finishing prisons, as they likewise incorporate those valuable seeds.

Morai Ruins are a prison in Lost Ark that contains eleven secret Mokoko seeds. Mokoko seeds are a collectible that gives program XP. Gathering enough of them can likewise net a few cool prizes. Lost Ark Morai Ruins are unlocked once you complete the fundamental story questline in Saladin Hills.

Subtleties on where the Morai Ruins Mokoko seed locations, including guides and pictures showing careful positions. The Morai Ruins is one of a handful of the ruins you can investigate in Lost Ark. Loaded up with indoor cascades and verifiable components, the Morai Ruins is a delightful spot. This guide will show you all the Mokoko seeds you can gather in Morai Ruins.

All Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark

  • 1: Lost Ark players should bounce from the primary way to take hold of the boards that reach out from the wooden stage that is upward. There is a cottage on this stage, and the primary Mokoko Seed is close to the pots on its south side.
  • 2: Pass on the south side of the cottage on the primary way and leap to a wood stage. The second Morai Ruins Mokoko seed locations is close to the furthest limit of that stage.
  • 3 and 4: There is an overturned segment that makes a slope on the way that is toward the southeast of these two Mokoko Seeds. MMORPG fans ought to dive that incline and dispatch the two foes at the base to eliminate a few enormous briers that are hindering their way. This activity will uncover a limited plant that fans can use to stroll across a gap and arrive at the Seeds.
  • 5 and 6: Attack the way to break it and access the little room with the fifth and 6th Mokoko Seeds.
  • 7: Attack the way to break it and afterward go through the opening that is left. This Lost Ark Mokoko Seed is close to the foliage on the stone stage.
  • 8 and 9: Descend the fallen segment. Pickup the Mokoko Seed that is close to a standing segment at the base. Then, at that point, walk a couple of steps upper east to track down one more Seed on the ground.
  • 10 and 11: Use the fallen segment to pass by the cascade and arrive at the stage with a Mokoko Seed. Then, at that point, walk a couple of steps upper east for the subsequent one.

Morai Ruins Seeds – Location Map

Morai Ruins Mokoko seed locations

There are eleven Mokoko Seeds in Morai Ruins prison in Lost Ark. A couple are effortlessly found along your way through the prison. Some, you’ll have to find by separating stowed away entryways. You’ll experience strolling across, seemingly, closed territory interestingly. Cry is a guide of all Morai Ruins Mokoko seed locations. There’s a number alongside every area. Further clarification for trickier locations will be in the rundown roar.

All Lost Ark Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed Locations

  • The main Mokoko seed in Morai Ruins is found after you get isolated from Armen. At the side of that part of the guide you should see a brief to bounce. It could show up after you’ve crushed every one of the foes there. When you hop up and overcome a couple of more foes the Morai Ruins Mokoko seed locations is close to a hovel, in the furthest left corner.

  • Initiate the subsequent water-impeding door and afterward go somewhat north. There are cabins and a gathering of adversaries there. You’ll track down a Morai Clay Shaman Chief there also. This horde is expected to finish up your Yudia Adventurer’s Tome. After you rout all adversaries close to the hovel a leap point will show up. This takes you to the mysterious region with the Morai Ruins Seed.

  • Then, you’ll go down a zipline and face those enormous stone champions. After you rout every one of the adversaries at that level you’ll see a piece of the edge is imploded. Stroll down the fell part. Slide down the support point and to your nearby left will be two Mori Clay Warriors. After you rout them the briar deterrent will vanish and afterward you can stroll over a little bar to the spot with two secret Morai Ruins Mokoko Seeds.

Hidden Morai Ruins Seeds

  • You’ll have the option to get the following Mokoko Seeed after you rout the smaller than usual supervisor Gatekeeper Ramos. After the battle utilize the zipline. At the lobby where you land after the zipline go to its end. There’s a stone way to one side in the corner. Assault it until it breaks to uncover two collectibles.

Morai Ruins Mokoko seed locations

  • This one is additionally taken cover behind brittle entryways. You’ll show up to a passage loaded up with walking Mori Clay Warriors. After you rout them obliterate the entryway at the area shown on the guide. Hop down to a little edge and afterward pickup your seventh Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed.

  • These two seeds are all around stowed away. After you cross the stream with the pontoon rout a few adversaries and there’s a segment you can climb, Morai Ruins Mokoko seed locations. Left of the climbable divider is a messed up support point driving downwards. Go across it to arrive at a spot under the extension above. There are two Mokoko seeds concealed here.

Morai Ruins Mokoko seed locations

  • Last two Morai Ruins Seeds are seen as exceptionally near the above spot. Return up the support point where you gathered the past seeds. Move up the divider at the area of interest. Try not to ascend the subsequent divider. There’s a little cascade to one side of the following climbing spot. You can really slip a short support point into the water and afterward go behind the little cascade to track down the 10th and eleven seed.

Hopefully, these designations will make it easy to determine exactly how the Seeds are to be approached

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