All Barrier Stone Locations in Blindness in Ghostwire: Tokyo

This article is about All barrier stone locations in Blindness in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Most missions in Ghostwire Tokyo are moderately clear, with an emphasis on defeating Visitors and heading to stamped locations, however there are a few journeys that expect you to tackle astounds that can be somewhat troublesome.

One of these happens during the Blindness mission in Chapter 3 of Ghostwire Tokyo. Subsequent to failing to purify a torii door, players should find and annihilate four Barrier Stones to get away and continue their main goal.

All barrier stone locations in Blindness in Ghostwire: Tokyo

All Barrier Stone Locations in Blindness in Ghostwire: Tokyo

The principal barrier stone will be preceding you as you stroll down the straight. From this area, admire find a Tengu. Use it to hook up to the higher rises, and you’ll find the subsequent barrier stone near the northwest piece of the barrier, sitting on the highest point of a building.

The third barrier stone will be on the roof toward the southwest of the barrier. We prescribe using your float capacity to arrive at this area or hop down onto the ground and grabbing a close by Tengu to arrive at this area. Albeit, going on the ground is perilous as different Kuchisake and different Visitors are wandering the road.

Barrier Stone 1 area

The essential Barrier Stone is relatively clear to look out, in light of the fact that it’s floating basically in entry of you. Hold operating advances from the put you start this mission on the torii door and it is ideal to recognize it.

Barrier Stone 2 area

This resulting Barrier Stone is floating within the air near the south part of the barrier. Look as much as the sky and utilize the Tengu (these are the flying soul birds) to catch your methodology onto the rooftop, then destroy it.

Barrier Stone 3 area

Here’s another Barrier Stone that is up within the sky. To obliterate this one, go to the northwest niche of the barrier and utilize the chimney get away from steps outside a nearby by constructing or float all through from a Tengu.

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All barrier stone regions

The fourth and remaining barrier stone will probably be within the upper east alcove of the guide. You can see this from the base and utilize a ran attack to obliterate it.

After a definitive barrier stone has been annihilated, the barrier will diminish, and you’ll continue through the mission. We recommend utilizing your Spectral Vision all through this part of the game to simplify it to find these barrier stones.

All barrier stone locations in Blindness in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Find a phone card

In request to sort out what turned out badly, we’ll presently have to find an alternate hued telephone concealed nearby as well as a phone card so that we’ll have the option to utilize the telephone once we find it. Accordingly, lets track down the phone card first.

Find the payphone

Presently we’ll have to find the exceptional payphone. You will see that there are three pursuit regions on the guide, each representing a payphone we can investigate. We can hurdle around to each of these to find the right one, but I observed it on the eastern side of the original inquiry zone.

Go to one side and you’ll see it floating close to the center piece of the right edge of the barrier.
Utilize a bow assuming you have ammunition to obliterate this one so you don’t need to draw nearer.

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