How to Complete Agent Jason’s Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

Agent Jason’s side quest in Tower of Fantasy with the Heirs of Aida as a steady danger, it seems like individuals of Banges Dock generally need saving. This goes past the story missions you want to handle when you initially show up in the area, too. One of the principal side quests you’re probably going to get in the space involves helping a Special Agent free a couple of Banges detainees from a close by Aidan fortification, while doing a little harm to the fortress en route.

To begin Agent Jason’s side quest, you’ll have to converse with Coatl at the Banges Dock. In the event that Coatl isn’t there. Or on the other hand on the off chance that he isn’t offering a side quest. There’s a decent opportunity you want to advance the story somewhat farther to open it. Coatl will request that you head to the Aidan Stronghold to save a few detainees being held there. Assuming you’d like, it’s more straightforward to follow quest goals by selecting the quest and pressing T to follow it.

How to complete Agent Jason’s side quest in Tower of Fantasy

How to Complete Agent Jason’s Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

On the edges of Aidan’s fortress, you will meet Special Agent Bang’s Jason, Dell G15 gaming laptop drops to only $800 today who will join you to free the detainees and harm the fortification. In the wake of talking to Jason, you’ll battle your direction up through a few gatherings of foes until you arrive at Mach, one of the detainees caught inside. Subsequent to speaking to Jason again, you will be entrusted with retrieving an electronic sensor a brief distance away prior to returning to free Mach, trailed by a few different detainees.

Leap off the island and fly down towards the quest marker to begin looking around. On the little island where the marker lands, you’ll find a couple of minor foes and a Damaged Smart Servant in the water. You’ll find the worker at coordinates (- 422.5, – 927.6). Interact with it to advance with the quest.

In the wake of talking to the robot, head back up to Cetus Island and address Hanna. Hanna will let you know she’ll meet you at the robot’s area. Head down to continue with the mission. In the wake of finding her alongside the shrewd worker, she’ll advise you to address Slayer for refreshes. After hearing this, Wandering Servant I will finish up, leading into section two of the four-section series.

How to complete Agent Jason’s side quest in Tower of Fantasy

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Turns out to be fairly more friendly and loving through his associations with his mates, particular Jake, whom he treats as a kind of proxy child. Remains incredibly single-minded and serious, however eases up a piece throughout the series.

Conquers his illicit drug use and turns out to be considerably more persuaded, mindful, insightful. Progressively conquers the disastrous mental influence of his rough, careless more seasoned sibling Henry.

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For the most part, I’ll just multiclass in the event that it seems OK for the person, yet in some cases it is helpful for a person to have various arrangements of important abilities.

I once played a youthful tribesman, who was the knave child of a neighborhood respectable. He had been raised by his mom’s clan, however after they were killed in a prosaic town slaughter (basically no TTRPG character can at any point have a blissful backstory, all things considered… ) he was shipped off live with his dad.

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