Here is How to Add Apps Directly From a Samsung Galaxy Watch

Apps Directly From a Samsung Galaxy Watch. You can download any compatible app on a Samsung Galaxy watch. That includes media apps like Spotify and Pandora, messaging apps, productivity apps, and more. Your Galaxy Watch has a built-in app store that you can use to download and install apps, or you can download apps to your watch through the Google Play store on your Android phone.

After you have set up your Galaxy watch and connected it to your phone, you can add apps through the Google Play store on your phone. The Google Play store has sections for Wear OS, watch apps, and watch faces, and you can also choose your Watch as the target device to narrow down any search.

Its an obvious fact that smartwatches are an extension of our smartphones, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is no exception. Has smarts like replying to messages, however it also allows you to listen to your favorite music track on your watch. And as you may have expected, you can also add some apps to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. And presently, since the Watch 4 is based on WearOS, the operation is straightforward.

How to Add Apps Directly From a Samsung Galaxy Watch


Thanks to the WearOS, installing and operating apps on the Watch is simple. Last of Us 2 Fan Shows Stunning Anime-Inspired Ellie Tattoo In most cases, installing the app on the phone will automatically install the same on the watch. However, that’s not valid for all apps. For example, apps like Facer needs manual intervention to install the companion app on the watch.

Add apps to Wear OS Samsung watches

You can install apps using the Wearable app or the Google Play Store app on your watch. We suggest using the Wearable app since you have more screen real estate.

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app on the connected phone.
  • Tap Store to open the watch version of the Play Store.
  • Search for an app you want, or parchment and discover new apps.
  • Once you find the app you want, select it and tap the arrow close to Install.
  • Google Play Store install options for different devices Choose your Samsung Watch and tap Install.

Add apps to Tizen Samsung watches

To add new apps to your Tizen Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, like the Watch 3 or Active 2, all you have to do is:

Open the Galaxy Wearable app on the connected phone. Swipe to and tap Galaxy Store to open the Galaxy Wearable version of the Galaxy Store. Tap Install to download the app to your watch.

For some more established watch models, open the Galaxy Wearable app > Discover tab, and then tap Find more in the Galaxy Store. Tap the Watch tab to peruse for apps.

Install an app on a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch directly from the watch

If you don’t have your phone in hand, yet at the same time want to peruse for apps on your watch — and your watch has internet access — no fear, it’s still only a couple of taps away.

  • Go to the list of apps on your watch and select Galaxy Store.
  • From here, either search for your app or open a category to peruse available apps.
  • Once you’ve found an app, you are interested in tap on the listing to see more info.

Our top equipment picks

The Galaxy Store, whether from the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone or your Samsung smartwatch, is accessible from any of the new releases from Samsung like the Galaxy Watch Active 2 or the Galaxy Watch. Looking through the app store for your watch can be fun when you happen to run over an app you didn’t actually realize you really wanted.

How to Add Apps Directly From a Samsung Galaxy Watch

What are the most useful apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Indeed, it is totally worth-full. This is the great brand and have great items for the customers. Samsung provides the many sorts of galaxy watch like watch 3, watch 4 and galaxy fit and all are the most ideal options to purchase. All watches have their own features. My friend purchased a Samsung galaxy watch 4 for his mother and she was so happy to get it because the watch has amazing features. Here are a few images of Samsung galaxy watch:

Apple and Samsung have been battling for smartphone supremacy for years. Shields in God Of War Ragnarok
Yet again with the Galaxy Watch, Samsung has demonstrated that they’re a serious competitor in the smartwatch market.

As of late, Apple has been dominating the smartwatch market with their Apple Watch series. For anyone who is an Apple fan or simply wants a great smartwatch in general, there’s no question about which watch you ought to check out.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great device for those who like to remain fully informed regarding their phone and work responsibilities. The watch has the ability to send emails, messages, and calendar reminders directly to your wrist. It is also useful for individuals who work out often and want to track their exercise progress. The Samsung Galaxy Watch features a fitness tracker that can be matched up with S Health and Google Fit.

Can I get Play Store on the new 2018 Samsung Galaxy Watch?

It allows you to create own watchfaces on Tizen, wearOs and watchOS. There are north of 30,000 watchfaces which allows you to change watch hands, fonts and background images according to our taste. Indeed, even u shat u R customized design to u R facer community too.

This is another gps based app which leaves the ongoing location of the friends or relatives in the real time. There is also demand button which demand friend to share his/her locations.

This app is exceptionally useful to you search u R car while you parked in the obscure region or in occupied areas by leveraging the built-in gps of watch with car. It also leave voice notes too.

Samsung television’s don’t utilize the Android/Google OS, so you wouldn’t have the option to download apps on the Google Play Store. To install applications, you have to go through Smart Center. You can go on Samsung Apps and in news or prescribed go to the search magnifier and type the name of the application you wish to download.

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