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Best Gaming Mouse In 2019

X Rocker Surge; $150
X Rocker II; $97.39
Gioteck RC-3-Foldable; $100
Lane Omega Leather Multimedia Power Recliner Sofa; Check on amazon
X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Rocker Chair; $43.35
Crew Furniture Classic; $35
7. Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Chair; $139.9
X Rocker Triple Flip; Check on amazon
Furmax Racing Chair; $137
Imperial Ergonomic Video Rocker Gaming Chair; $143.35

If you’re not a casual gaming player and you tend to spend more than 3 hours on gaming, the right gaming equipment and accessories are very important. Proper gaming accessories can enhance your experience and will give you the advantage over other players. The best thing about console gaming is that all you need is the console and the remote controller and you can play in any position you like, wherever you like. But is it comfortable? Once you start getting addicted and dedicated to what you’re playing you might want a chair solely for gaming.

Now if we talk about ps4, you can’t just pick any chair. Console gaming and PC gaming are very different so in that case even a PC gaming chair won’t be good enough. If you want to game comfortably for long hours, you need a proper ps4 gaming chair with lots of various features but comfort being the priority. These days you can get gaming chairs that have built-in speakers, USB ports, vibration motors and audio outputs. All these things improve your quality of gaming and make you realise what were you waiting for while gaming in a sofa.




  1. X Rocker Surge


  1. A gaming chair that is affordable and worth it’s price. With the price of $150 it offers the same or even more that high end gaming chairs. All X Rocker gaming chairs define the word comfort and Surge being one of them is super padded and has tons of support. It comes with a subwoofer, two speakers and has wireless audio – you can connect it with any Bluetooth device. Separate controls for volume and bass are provided along with audio input and output jacks. Although it’s a little heavy it’s still a movable and a versatile gaming chair. A drawback is that is isn’t compatible with the Xbox system but since we’re talking about ps4 gaming chairs, this is fashionable, comfortable and affordable.


2:X Rocker II;


It’s one of the most popular gaming chair models of the X Rocker and it’s the predecessor of their first successful console gaming chair. This gaming chair is foldable meaning it’s easy to handle and great for small areas. You get two forward-facing speakers and a powerful subwoofer. No cables are involved while handling this chair as the audio transmission is wireless, however this chair still needs electricity to run speakers so might need to plug in the power chord. If you prefer to you a headset while gaming, there is a headphone jack super easy to use side control panel featuring volume, bass controls and output input jacks. One of the comfiest gaming chairs, great padding and is supportive.


    3.Gioteck RC-3-Foldable;



This gaming chair is super handy as it is very light weighted and foldable. It offers two speakers, audio input and output and a volume control. It also provides a small storage compartment for storing controllers and any other stuff. LED illumination under the seat works continuously whilst powered up and provides gaming den cool. Selectable dual incline angles for maximum comfort. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience in this chair. However, there is no Bluetooth and wireless support and while the seat is reasonably sized it would not fit in a really tall and wide person.  


   4.Lane Omega Leather Multimedia Power Recliner Sofa;

  1. X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Rocker Chair;


If you and your group tends to get together for gaming sessions, why not try out a gaming sofa for a perfect gaming night. Although there isn’t a variety of sofas that are created for gaming, there are the Multimedia sofas that are sure to enhance your ps4 sessions. It’s a two-seater reclining sofa that provides a fold-out table for snacks and cup holders, as well as a range of USB ports and power jacks. You can plug in your controllers as you play. The high quality black leather means it can match with almost every room. However, it is quite heavy and it can’t be moved from one room to another room easily, which means you might decide where to adjust it before you buy it


       5.X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Rocker Chair;



A decent comfort with very good neck and back support. Has a simple 2.0 stereo speakers, control panel to regulate volume and bass and RCA outputs. It’s a compatible chair for anyone who is serious about gaming. Vibration motions are installed to enhance your gaming experience, an ergonomic design ideal for long sessions, dual speakers and a subwoofer along with comfortable and adjustable armrests. This chair has about everything a gamer would want. X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 chair is slightly elevated from the ground, making it the perfect height for most TV setups. The chair is also made up to high-quality PU leather that is easy to clean. Comes in a sleek black and red eye-catching design. Sadly, it isn’t suited for tall gamers

6.Crew Furniture Classic;




Not everyone wants a fancy gaming chair with tons of features. This is the cheapest and simplest gaming chair for no more than $35. It’ available in 8 colours and since it doesn’t need electricity to run it is very light weight and easy to move around. Casual gamers who spend around 1 to 2 hours every day gaming, there is no need for anything fancier. You can also use it as a conventional piece of furniture anywhere. Overall a great budget choice

      7.Crew Furniture Classic



This chair is a versatile mid-range gaming chair. While some gaming chairs are just for gaming, Ficmax chair is good enough for casual reading, an office chair or even as a chair to rest on. It’s covered in PU leather and has great ergonomics and a racing-inspired design with a retractable footrest. It’s able to entertain broader consumer scope without limiting itself to only primary audience, while attracts the gamers. It includes a lumbar support and a neck pillow. Its design ensures a comfortable gaming experience because of the amount of padding. More than just being a gaming utility, it serves as a decorative piece to compliment your room decor.


    8.X Rocker Triple Flip



As this chair doesn’t stand out and looks large and may look hard to assemble. No, it comes preassembled. As soon as it arrives you can place it in position, plug it in and start gaming on it. As the control panel is located at the right side of the backrest it’s not the easiest to use as you will have to turn around to adjust volume or bass. But it has a spacious storage compartment which is hidden under the seat. It’s not only great for gaming but also for watching movies. It’s super comfortable and you would miss out on it if you don’t buy it just because it’s a little different than most gaming chairs


    9.Furmax Racing Chair;



If you want to buy a chair that can be used as a console as well as computer gaming chair, this would be a great choice. Footrests makes things more comfortable and since Furmax racing chair has a footrest it’s perfect for playing on a PC as well as on a console. It has ergonomic design, a lumbar support pillow to help you look after your posture. The chair is very adjustable as it has infinity recline and adjustable armrests. You can basically play while laying down if you want to, meanwhile the cushioned support maintains your posture. A stylish blue and back design is perfect for modern gaming setups



10.Imperial Ergonomic Video Rocker Gaming Chair;


This chair is the one if you suffer from back pain, as it has an ergonomic design that improves your gaming sessions. Rocker style chairs are one of the most popular ps4 gaming chairs but the manufacturers often overlook the comfort category, trying to enhance the connectivity features. This chair is designed in the traditional rocket style and is available in four different stylish colours. It’s 29.5”, making it a good choice for taller gamers and can also be folded in half for easy storage and transportation




Once you’re convinced you need a gaming chair it is important to know how to choose the best possible one for yourself according to your needs. There are various models with much detail and equipment’s but it’s vital to purchase the one you would be satisfied with. Let’s be honest, the first thing you would probably look for will be the price. Now one things clear that you need a chair that offers everything you want but in a price range you can afford. The next thing is to consider the material the chair is made up of. A foam, padded cushions is a must. Look for leather as it is easier to clean.


Styling isn’t that much of an important detail but for some it is a priority. Appearance however plays a huge role when choosing anything. It is advised to get a gaming chair that is appealing to your eyes as you will use it daily. Other features should also be kept in mind like speakers, USB ports, vibration speakers and much more. The chair itself should be convincing



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