12 Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs in 2019 – {UPDATED}

What matters most while gaming is comfort and that is exactly why chairs are
designed especially for gaming.We will discuss about most comfortable gaming chairs so the original idea was to replicate the sensation
you have while driving a sports car. You must be wondering what’s wrong with
a regular chair or sitting on the floor? The simple answer to your question is
that gaming chairs are designed in such a way that they maintain your posture,
while sitting for long hours gaming, they keep your spine in alignment and
provide an upright support for your back and neck. There shouldn’t be a
compromise on the comfortability of the chair as it is just as important of an
accessory as anything that comes with a gaming system.

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GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • Reliable
  • Less Expensive
  • Comfortable


GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • Reliable
  • Less Expensive
  • Comfortable



1. GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair:

GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair
GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair is available at a very reasonable price and is as
comfortable and contented as a PC gaming chair with racing design gets. It
comes with an installed 90 – 170 degrees recline function, a footrest and a
removable lumbar support. The backrest, armrests and seat height are all
adjustable and the 360 spin legs are mounted on 5 heavy duty coasters. It also
supports up to 330 pounds. This chair is extremely comfortable as well as easy to
clean. Anyone who would be interested in enhancing their gaming experience
needs to invest in the GTracing Chair.

2. Ace bayou X rocker 5143601 II (wireless):

Ace bayou X rocker 5143601 II (wireless)

The X rocker provides all the possibilities of whether you need to lean back or
forward as the games gets intense. It comes with sturdy arms and padded
backrests to provide comfort and to offer the gamer total stability and control. A
subwoofer and two wireless speakers are also provided for the user to be
completely involved. It’s easy to spend more money on either comfort or a good
set of speakers, so both at the price of $199 is a smart way to spend your money.

3. Vertagear Racing Series chair:

Vertagear Racing Series chair

A truly tuned chair for those who are completely involved in gaming. This chair
has a tilt feature that lets you lean forward and even lock your position. When
you’re ready to relax and play you can easily lean backward as it’s ergonomic
design keeps your head, back and neck comfortable. Since it’s cushioned
precisely for the shape of an arm and can be adjusted in four diverse directions,
it is made for those who are keen to win. The Vertagear Racing Series minimizes
fatigue when gaming from making posture and overall comfort a priority.

4. Merax Executive Style Chair:

Merax Executive Style Chair
A chair that is precisely suited for computer gaming. Those who spend hours
gaming know that they want a chair that is economically ideal, that is the best. It
comes with a 360 degrees swirl and a rocking back, that allows the user to enjoy
their game comfortably without the need to get up and stretch their back. It
keeps your posture in shape and has a detachable lumbar system and headrest
cushions. The seat itself is wide enough and has arm rests that can be adjusted as
well as removed. The Merax gaming chair is contented, striking but most
importantly affordable.

5. WENSIX Racing Chair:

WENSIX Racing Chair

Wensix is one of the most popular chair as it gives you both high back and low
back support. The comfortable extensive dense padding of the chair is
immediately visible. The armrests can move up and down and you can even
adjust the seat level between 18.8” and 22”. Its remarkably versatile and you
can’t go wrong with it. The deep and curved design of its backrest fits perfectly
with the curvature of your back. Removable headrest pillow is provided for
additional comfort.

6. Racing Simulator:

GTR Racing Simulator

The GTR racing simulator design is meant to imitate just that of a real car. The
only difference is that this is ergonomically optimal, can be reclined and sat on
for long hours of gaming. An actual steering wheel, breaks, accelerator, gear
shifts and a single shift monitor stand for wide angle racing is attached but the
monitor isn’t close enough. The picture shows that there is a shifter mount on
both sides but that isn’t the case when you purchase it. However, this blend of
comfort and accuracy allows the users to get lost in the virtual racing world.

7. AkRacing Core Series model:

AkRacing Core Series model

Another chair that is designed for gaming, ergonomic design with head and
lumbar pillows for adjustable support. The seat has 180 degrees recline with
variable tension rocking function and can be locked in a specific position.
Supports up to 149kgs to fit a wide range of body types and 3D armrests. It is
designed so that the user can be comfortable and can easily customize their
needs. It has a bucket seat design, not best for long sessions and the maximum
height of the chair isn’t high enough. AkRacing Core series model has a stylish
physique but the thing that highlights this chair the most is its 5 years warranty
on the parts and 10 years warranty on the frame.

8. N Seat Pro 600 Gaming Chair:

N Seat Pro 600 Gaming Chair

This chair is so popular that it is hard to get your hands on it. Comes with a
lumbar system and headrest pillow. The two most important factors comfort

and convenience were kept in mind when making this chair. The material of this
chair is made with memory material meaning your seat bottom imprints won’t
be left when you get up but the con for this chair is that it doesn’t tilt sideways.
Nylon casters was another feature that the buyers loved. This chair can be used
for gaming as well as office work.

9. Noble chairs ICON:

Noble chairs ICON

The best pick for gaming chair is the Noble chairs ICON. It’s basically like sitting
in a BMW according to its multiple padded system that fully encloses with your
body. It’s a product of German engineering and they are known to have the
best, comfortable interior. It’s made up of a solid steel frame and top-grain
leather. Provides the user elite gaming experience and is built to last. It’s a little
expensive but it’s totally worth it.

10. Vitesse High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair:

Vitesse High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

For around $100, it’s amazing what you’re getting. PU leather, neck and lumbar
pillows, a recline up to 180 degrees and a wide seat and back. The drawback is
that the seat doesn’t let you slide forward when reclining. Overall a
sophisticated chair to boot. There are multiple colour options and the wheel
base and casters look cool. Vitesse currently offers the best budget gaming
chair. Comfortable and affordable.

11. Arozzi Enzo Series Racing Style Chair:

Arozzi Enzo Series Racing Style Chair

This chair has great padding, is easy to clean and sturdy construction. Even
though the armrests can’t be adjusted they are super comfortable. The wheels
have a 360 swirl. This chair can also be used as an office chair. Arozzi Enzo
series are very light weight and easy to handle. One large drawback is that the
fixed loop armrests aren’t adjustable and the padded sections can’t be replaced
for something that has more surface area. This unique design is very much
appreciated by the buyers and are drawn towards it because of its affordability.

The base of the chair is also wide and cushioned. This product is very simple in
nature but a good choice.

12. Secretlab Omega:

Secretlab Omega

This is 2019’s top gaming chair pick. It provides you with Prime 2.0 PU leather
which lasts four time more than basic PU leather. Secretlab describes as
'Patent-pending Secretlab cold-cure foam mix' that omega uses which makes
the sitting experience many more times comfortable and improves your
posture while gaming for hours and hours. New metal internal mechanism in
the 4D armrests help boost your resting position and can be adjusted into four
positions however, they are a little hard. Comes with memory foam pillows for
lumbar support and head. Without worrying about marks, you can drag and
swirl the chair across the floor as it is furnished with newly designed XL PU
caster wheels. There’s no need to look forward it you’re looking for the best of
the best.


The simplest way is to first make a budget, it’s harder to convince yourself to
invest in an expensive gaming chair which has the same function as provided
by a cheap one. The second step is to look for a way to test the chair while
sitting on it for a while in the shop and see if you find it comfortable or not.
Make sure you have determined your weight and how much space you will find

yourself being comfortable in. If the chair is adjustable or not and if it is
according to your height.
Think about how you’re going to use the chair, some gaming chairs are often
used in offices as they are very comfortable and as gaming offices have long
working hour. If you’re going to buy it for office use you might not want to
invest too much in a gaming chair rather buy a simple and an affordable but a
comfortable one. If you plan on moving around in the chair, dragging it across
the floor then make sure to buy the chair with floor friendly wheels. You might
also want your chair to be breathable.
The most important thing to remember is your posture and your back that can
easily get affected if you don’t have the right support. Prioritize lumbar system.
Other factors are of course important but you got to make sure your health is
your first priority.